Tinder Stats Prove That Guys F*cking Love Teachers

A couple months ago, data was released showing which jobs get the most right swipes on Tinder.

Now, Tinder is releasing data to show which jobs are most popular/fuckable in certain cities, with the big apple coming in hot.

Some of the jobs on the list are reflective of more common jobs in New York, like stylist and journalist, and yet, teacher made the #1 spot on the list somehow.

Translation: even in a big city rife with financial analysts and top models, dudes still are fucking obsessed with teachers.

Is it for the school boy fantasy and the amount of hot teachers in porn? Or is it the fact that all dudes secretly seem to want a second mom-figure in their life? We’re not sure, but the numbers don’t lie.

1.     Teacher

2.     Stylist

3.     PR/Communications

4.     Dental Hygienist

5.     CEO/Entrepreneur

6.     Physical Therapist

7.     Architect

8.     Financial Analyst

9.     Journalist

10.   Student

11.   Psychologist

12.   Event Planner

13.   Interior Designer

14.   Recruiter

15.   Pharmacist

Or maybe, just maybe, dudes like that teachers don’t make a lot of money so they won’t bruise a guy’s ego? Considering how fragile most men seem to be about their masculinity, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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