The Most Popular People on Tinder Have These Sports in Their Bio

If there’s one thing I learned about Tinder-ing remotely in Rio, it’s that it’s easy af to look like a professional athlete.

Seriously, all I was trying to do was match with Olympians, and I had to slog through the millions of Brazilian dudes with Olympian-worthy bodies, guys who had medals around their necks, and guys who put “swimmer” in their bio but actually meant for their high school team.

A recent Tinder study claims to reveal which athletes got the most right-swipes in Rio, but in reality just shows that we’re all shallow af and if a sub-par dude puts “pro tennis player” in his bio, we’ll probs swipe right for the story only to find out that he coaches a rando tennis camp for kids.

If you want to lie about your athleticism to get some right swipes, here are the sports to go for. After all, you know the dude you matched with is probably lying about his height anyway.

Here are the top six most right-swiped sports for women, according to Tinder’s research.

1. Table Tennis

2. Field Hockey

3. Rowing

4. Weightlifting

5. Rugby

6. Swimming

Obviously, this data is a bit questionable. Have you ever heard a dude say he loves chicks who play table tennis? And wouldn’t the old-fashioned bros who still think women are dainty and meant to be in the kitchen steer clear of women who are weightlifting and rugby champs?

Then again, what dude really reads a chick’s Tinder bio? For most guys it’s all about the pictures, and more specifically about if they can tell what bra size a girl is from her pic. Who are we kidding? Half the dudes on Tinder probably don’t even bother looking at a girl’s photos and would rather right swipe on everybody for time-efficiency purposes.

If you’re wondering what sports garnered the most right swipes for dudes, here’s where they fell:

1. Tennis

2. Weightlifting

3. Gymnastics

4. Sport Shooting

5. Judo

6. Boxing

Again, tennis is def not in the top five sports where I’d expect to find a guy with a banging body, but then again my ex-boyfriend was the captain of my school’s tennis team, so I guess I’m a hypocrite. As for gymnastics, I can confirm that gymnasts are some of the hottest guys in the Olympics, especially Team USA.

Are these sports going to suddenly make you match with way more hotties? Probs not, because you’re likely already matching with all the hotties that are still on Tinder and haven’t moved on to another app like Bumble. In the mean time, start working on your table tennis skills.

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