The 12 Hottest Male Olympians Competing In Rio

If you’ve ever dated an athlete, you know that they’re different. They train hard, they love hard, and they’ve got incredibly hard… abs.

One of the best places to find your new favorite athlete/dude to make your iPhone background is the 2016 summer Olympics, which kick off in Rio on Aug. 5. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite male olympians to look at this summer

1. James Magnussen

This Australian swimmer is nicknamed “The Missile,” and we can only imagine why…

Instagram: @james.magnussen

2. Kevin Durant

You’ve probably heard of this US basketball player, and while he’s currently a free agent, he’s all set to show off his skills on Team USA this summer.

Instagram: @easymoneysniper

3. Neymar da Silva Santos

This Brazilian soccer cutie will add some serious spice to your life. He also seems to be big enough to not need a last name when mentioned by most media.

Instagram: @neymarjr

4. Tom Daley

This British diving star is kind of like an updated version of that cutie you had a crush on in high school, except this one has an olympic medal.

Instagram: @tomdaley1994

5. The Entire USA Gymnastics Team

If you’ve never entertained fantasies of being with multiple men at once, you probably do now. There is not a single dude on the USA gymnastics team that isn’t a 10. Plus, they’re probably flexible af.

6. Michael Phelps

We all know that this swimming star is down with the ganja, he also looks pretty great in a bathtub, as you can see above. He also made it into our Fuckboy Olympics, which has got to count for something.


7. Ryan Lochte

If you’ve seen Ryan Lochte’s reality show, you might think he’s a bit of a douchebag. Regardless, he looks great in a Speedo, and how can you say no to that face?


8. Yohan Blake

This track and field olympian is Jamaican us crazy.


9. Luca Dotto

When this Italian stallion isn’t diving at an olympic level, he’s modeling. Google his Armani ad for a treat.


10. Marcelo Chierigini

We swear this Brazilian swimmer is the Latin doppelgänger of Harry Styles. Needless to say, he has our hearts.

Instagram: @mchierigini

11. Madison Hughes

Vanity Fair

This British rugby star from the UK(pictured on the right) is on Team USA this summer, he also went to Dartmouth which means he’s either a smarty-pants or so good at rugby that they didn’t care about his grades. Either way, he’s sexy.

Instagram: @madisonhughes10

12. Carlin Isles

The Master

Pictured above with Madison, Carlin is actually from the US (Ohio, to be exact) and had a brief stint with the NFL before delving into rugby.

Instagram: @carlinisles

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