12 Chill Places To Go On Tinder Dates In NYC

With dating apps like Bumble urging women to take the lead, it’s opened up a whole new world of dating. Why stop at sending the first message when you could pick the first date spot?

If you hate making decisions like I do, this task may seem daunting. But wouldn’t you rather spend a little time picking a place rather than going to a dive bar or an art museum where every other piece is a naked chick?

Plus, depending on the place you pick, you might even be able to tell how serious the dude is about you, depending on his response. Here are some of our fave spots for chill dates in NYC to ensure that you never end up on a shitty first date again. Unfortunately, we can’t really help if it’s the dude that’s the shitty part.

1. Viceroy Rooftop


If your date lives downtown and you live uptown, the Viceroy is a nice spot to meet in the middle. The views are cool to distract you from how boring your date is, and if things go well you’ll have fun trying all their innovative cocktails.

2. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


If you’re not quite sure how your date is going to shape up in person, a date like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens ensures that you can dip out ASAP if he’s a dud. Or, if you’re on a psycho diet but still want to date, this is a good spot where you won’t have to awkwardly say no to alcohol or cheese.

3. Bell, Book, & Candle

Bell, Book, & Candle is usually surprisingly quiet, probably because it’s pretty tiny, but it means that you won’t have to shout at your date over your raclette grilled cheese, which is always a plus. Even if you’re not down for dinner on a first date, they have $1 oysters at happy hour if you get hungry (not like you need an aphrodisiac though).

4. Dear Irving


Because Dear Irving is a little bougie, it’s a good way to ensure that a dude’s not a serial dater. If he tries to sway you to go to a dive bar, it prob means that he takes every single one of his dates there and hopes to seal the deal and GTFO.

5. Fig 19


Fig 19 is one of New York’s many speakeasy type bars. You have to enter through an art gallery on Chrystie street, then walk to the back to find a vintage style bar through a hidden door. The plus side is that you get an art gallery and cocktail bar date all in one, the downside is that it might be kinda awk if you can’t figure out how to get in. Maybe go with a girlfriend first to check it out.

6. Refinery Rooftop


The Refinery Rooftop is quiet enough to hear your date, but busy enough so that it’s not an awkward silence if you have nothing to talk about. If you and your date are really having a lull in conversation, maybe a drunk group of peeps will sit across from you on the couch and save the convo, which is exactly what happened to me when I ended up on a date with a hot model who had no brain.

7. Barcade


If you’re really sick of going to “regular” cocktail bars (but who gets sick of drinking?) you can try something a little more kitschy like Barcade, although there is the concern that your date will get more into the video games then he’s into you…

8. The Winslow

The food and drinks here are both bomb. So you can go for a drink and then if things go well order some apps to share. It’s also one of the few cocktail places in NYC where there’s not ridiculously dark lighting, which means that you’ll get to stare at your hot date all night long.

9. Beauty Bar


The true test of inviting a date to Beauty Bar is to see if he’ll treat you to getting your nails done. If not, you can still get drunk and jam to their throwback playlist while taking cute Instagram selfies in the salon chairs.

10. The Belfry


The Belfry is a good place to suggest if you don’t want your date to go broke on you just yet. They’re known for their pickleback shots, and they also have a $5 shot & beer deal. It can get a little loud in there, but that just gives you an excuse to get closer to your date. If your date is a catfish, they’re also known to have sexy bartenders.

11. Miss Lily’s


Miss Lilly’s has the perfect balance of loud enough, but not too loud to hear your date. It’s also super casual, but has music and dancing in case things go well and you wanna show off your moves. The food and cocktails are top notch, so regardless of your date you’ll go home satisfied.

12. The Freehold

The Freehold

One of our interns claims to take all her Tinder dates here, and with good reason. It’s bougie enough for the dude to know you ain’t cheap, but also “fun” in the sense that they have arcade games, ping pong, etc. If for some reason you want to face your date in the light of day, they’re also a coffeeshop during the daytime hours.

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