BAD DATES: When You Know The Guy Is A Catfish

Have you ever been on a GODAWFUL date and NEED to tell someone all about it? I would expect so, in these times of OK Cupid, Tinder, Happn etc there are far too many opportunities for us to mismatched it the most hilarious and terrible ways. We will be featuring anecdotes of some of the most ridiculous tales of dating. Check out below

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Ashley, 21

After texting back and forth with a guy from Happn for a couple weeks, he texted me on a Monday asking when we could grab a drink. My schedule was packed all week, but I was actually free that night, so I told him and he suggested a bar downtown. When I asked him the address, he didn’t respond, so I told him that if he didn’t let me know I wouldn’t be able to make it there in time. He responded with the excuse that he was “charging his phone” and promptly gave the address. He then texted me saying he got stuck in a meeting and couldn’t make it until 8:30-8:45. I was getting a little sketched out with his wishy-washiness, and suggested we do something another time since he seemed busy. To this, he responded that he was on his way and had been looking forward to meeting for a while, to which I reluctantly decided to still meet him. He then asks if I can do something tomorrow night instead, as I am literally about to get on the subway. At this point I got fed up and when he didn’t answer my call, I again suggested we do something another time.

Nope, he says “just meet me. I’ll wait. I’m here, you tell me” I clearly should have stuck with my gut, but I hopped on the next subway downtown and got to the bar, where I did not see him. I called him, no response. I text him “I’m here” and he says he will be there momentarily and was across the street grabbing a bite to eat…After waiting five more minutes I text him this, being completely fed up.

Galore Mag - Dating / Texting

Instead of acknowledging his faults, he acts as if it was me being rude:

Galore Mag - Dating / Texting

Then, after thinking the whole night was just bad karma for something and/or a prank/catfish, this guy decides that he has a better idea:

Galore Mag - Dating / Texting

Yes, because after you practically stand up a chick, the first thing she wants to do is bang you.

If you have your own story of a terrible date please send over to, with the subject “BAD DATES” and state whether you’d like to be anonymous or not. We encourage women of all sexualities to submit.

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