Meet Montana Cox of Australia’s Next Top Model

Montana Cox became a celeb at just 17 in her native Australia when she won “Australia’s Next Top Model.” Now, she’s moved to NYC and is continuing to make her mark on the modeling world.

We caught up with the statuesque stunner on her secret hobbies, her diet and workout routines, and more. Read on to find out more about Montana Cox.

Earrings: I still love you NYC | Bikini top: CHROMAT | Coat: CHROMAT | Skirt: MaryMe Jimmy Paul | Shoes: CHROMAT

A/S/L/H (Age/Sex/Location/Height)

22 female New York, New York! 180cm (5’10”)

What agency are you signed with & how were you discovered?

IMG and was discovered shopping and asked to try out for Australia’s Next Top Model. the rest is history

Aside from modeling, what do you do?

I have a secret hobby of cooking. Anything and everything from baking to making sushi.

Earrings: Tulueste | Coat: MaryMe Jimmy Paul

Is Montana Cox your real name? 

Yes, I get asked that all the time! It’s my real name, my parents just loved the place.

What’s something crazy that happened on ANTM but didn’t make it onto the show?

Us watching cable TV for days and eating Nutella.

Favorite photographer?

Mario Sorrento

Male Models – 2 d8 or not 2 d8?

Sorry boys but not to date!

coat: MaryMe Jimmy Paul | Bikini: CHROMAT | Black/white choker: I still love you NYC | Holographic choker: Jewels of Perception

Do you work out or are you just #blessed?

I used to be able to get away with it but now I do it to keep healthy and all that jazz.

What does your “model diet” consist of?

Everything in moderation.

Favorite insta you follow?


Au naturel or face full of cake?

Au naturel.

Model icon? 

Christy Turlington because she still looks incredible.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on-set?

I’m quite clumsy, I fall over everything, there are also wardrobe malfunctions, but probably taking the cake is knocking over a photographer’s camera.

Favorite Tyra moment?


You love Galore because ___________?

Woman power, babes and bombshells.

Coat: MaryMe Jimmy Paul | Earrings: I still love you | Bustier: Runway Dreamz | Pant: MaryMe Jimmy Paul | Shoes: CHROMAT

Photos: Anastasia Garcia

Styling: Tiffani Williams

Hair/makeup: Jen Navaro

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