These 8 U.S. States Allegedly Have the Hottest Girls

In case you ever wondered where to travel to find the hottest chicks, where you have the most competition, or simply just want bragging rights. Dating app Clover has released a list of the states with the hottest girls. We broke down the Top 8 (shoutout MySpace) states with the hottest ladies so that you can officially brag. Some are unsurprising, but some will throw you for a loop.

1. Connecticut

So apparently dudes on Clover like their women bougie like Olivia Palermo. If you don’t know what she does for a living, her Wikipedia page says she’s a “socialite,” which means that her life is great and she’s hot.

2. New York

Jenny’s from the block, and her block was in the Bronx borough of New York City. Sorry LA girls, looks like NYC came on top this time.

3. New Jersey

Contrary to popular belief, not all Jersey girls look like Snooki. In fact, neither Snooki or JWoww was even born in NJ. But Christina Milian was — Jersey City to be exact.

4. Massachusetts

So apparently MA girls can “Bring it On” like Eliza Dushku. Even though she’s kind of dropped off the face of the earth since the ’00s, she’s still “wicked” hot.

5. Pennsylvania

Philadelphia native Amber Rose has done what no other girl could never dream of doing: look hot with no hair. Go girl.

6. Nevada

Rutina Wesley of True Blood is from Sin City. Yes, she was actually born in Vegas, which sounds pretty terrifying. Luckily, she made it out alive to slay on True Blood and give Nevada a good name.

7. Virginia

Sandra was born in a suburb of DC called Arlington, and she’s MILFy af.

8. Michigan

Who knew Madonna was originally from Michigan? When Madonna was asked about her favorite part of growing up in Michigan for US Weekly, she responded, “Oh, nothing.” So I guess she doesn’t miss it much.

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