Amber Rose DGAF About Kanye And His ‘Famous’ Video

Amber Rose doesn’t have a problem with speaking her mind about anything, but do you know what she is done talking about? The fact that people still think Kanye West made her famous.

In an interview with the Daily Beast Amber Rose said:

“The misconception—and I still hear this seven years later, to this day—is, ‘You’re only famous for Kanye.; Initially, absolutely. In 2009, when they’re like, ‘Amber Rose—Kanye’s girlfriend,’ I was like, ‘OK, that’s pretty accurate. That’s what it is.’ But I didn’t ask to be famous, and I didn’t even talk or do interviews for two years, because I thought, ‘I don’t want this. I’m not famous.’ Over time, with going out in public, I realized it would never go away, so I didn’t have any choice but to progress. Everything I’ve done since then is my own doing, and I’ve worked my f*cking ass off for everything I have.”

She also points out that whenever women “make” men famous, or bros help each other out, nobody says shit.

“Wendy Williams put Charlamagne on. Jay Z put Kanye on! But they don’t do that to men, and they always want to diminish my accomplishments and put them on someone else when I work really hard.”

While Amber Rose does have a point here, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that there’s a difference between an established celebrity helping a new artist reach a bigger audience and a celebrity’s girlfriend, boyfriend, fuckbuddy, whatever, becoming famous in their own right because of that exposure.

Not that either is better or worse, they’re just different.

Still, preach Mama Rose.

The world needs more fearless femmes who aren’t afraid to tell their famous ex to stick a finger up his ass already.

[H/T Daily Beast]

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