Amber Rose Responds to Kanye-Wiz Feud, Has No F*cks Left to Give

Most girls would just ignore it if two of their exes were loudly beefing on Twitter.

But Amber Rose isn’t most girls, and sometimes, Amber Rose just wants to watch the world burn.

Before most of us could even comprehend why Wiz Khalifa and Kanye were arguing on Twitter today, Amber Rose clapped back at Kanye’s tweets with a deftly composed tweet of her own:


This user basically summed up all of Twitter’s reaction:

We’d assume Amber is responding in particular to a string of tweets where Kanye told Wiz that he’d been “trapped by a stripper” and that while Wiz might think he owns “Waves” (Kanye’s new album title), Kanye “owns” Wiz’s kid because Kanye dated Amber first and basically introduced her to the world.

Amber is having none of that, which is why she hit back at Kanye with this intensely personal diss.

Now, there are never any real winners in a Twitter battle — besides the people whose workday went along a little faster as they whipped out the popcorn and watched. But we will say a few things:

• There IS such a thing as the biggest loser in a Twitter battle, and that honor today goes to Wiz Khalifa.

• Amber Rose is enough of a force of nature that she probably would’ve been on America’s radar no matter who her first celeb boyfriend was. And no one “owns” her kid.

• That said, perfect comeback from Amber notwithstanding, Kanye’s tweets always have and always will belong in the Smithsonian.

• Not to take away from Amber’s perfect comeback, but it’s 2016! No more butt shaming! There’s nothing wrong with a little booty action if both parties are consenting.

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