These Dating Apps Have The Most Competition If You’re A Straight Girl

While swiping through endless photos of dudes with tigers and shirtless selfies, do you ever wonder what other girls are doing on dating apps? What do their profiles look like? How many matches do they get? Did they also match with the Harry Styles döppelganger and are eagerly awaiting a response?

More specifically, how many other girls are using the very same app that you’re using, matching with the same guys?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if you want to enter a dating app pool with less girls stealing away the one 6’3″ and gainfully employed fish that you wanted, you probably should know which dating apps have the highest percentage of girls.

This list was compiled by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, which also analyzed which apps have the most engagement, and which apps are popular in specific regions.

Sure, all of the popular apps (sorry Zoosk, you’re not relevant) only have about a 20% difference in ratios, but who knows if that 20% could be the reason why you haven’t found Mr. Right?!

It’s probably not. But like, why fish in a pool that only has 40% dudes when you could be fishing in a pool that has 60% dudes? Besides, if you’ve been using the same dating app forevs, it’s time for a change.

1. Christian Mingle: 58.6%

This religious dating site is the most overwhelmingly female one of all. Unfortunately for churchy chicks, seems like all the bible-toting studs out there are hiding somewhere else. Or maybe they just don’t exist.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel: 57.3%

This app lets users chill the fuck out by only giving them one match a day. It’s popular with ladies who get overwhelmed by 100 dudes messaging them “hey, what’s up?” on Tinder and similar apps.

But for dudes who like to right-swipe everyone alive and seek quantity over quality, plus have no patience, this app probably isn’t their fav, which explains why it’s more female-dominated.

3. eHarmony: 55.2%

Sorry, straight girls, but eHarmony is probably not for you. Not only are there more chicks on it, but 67% of users don’t return to the app the following week after using it.

4. OkCupid: 48.3%

OkCupid has the most even gender ratio out of all the apps, and is also the third most popular dating app behind Tinder and PlentyOfFish.

5. Bumble: 46.2%

Bumble, the app where girls have to send the first message, is equally popular with girls who are sick of getting hit on and guys who think they can get laid without putting any work in.

6. Match: 44.7%

Match has a way better rep for finding “serious relationships” than Tinder, but it has slightly more girls on it than everyone’s favorite swiping app.

7. Tinder: 43.3%

Tinder is the most widely used of all the apps by a relatively large margin, but the problem is that half of the users are fuckboys/fuckgirls and the other half don’t even respond to messages. On the bright side, you’ll have your pick of the thirsty dudes who are probably swiping right on everyone.

8. Plenty Of Fish: 42.2%

Plenty of Fish is the second most widely used dating app, which surprised me because I hardly ever hear about it. After a quick Wikipedia search, I apparently should have heard of it, because they did product placement in Jason Derulo’s “Ridin Solo” video, Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video, Kesha’s “We R Who We R” video, Britney Spears‘ “Hold It Against Me” video, and more. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular?

9. Clover: 40.7%

Another app I’ve never, ever heard of. Apparently, it’s some type of mix between Tinder and OkCupid, but it seems more like Grindr, as they have a special “on demand dating” feature. The CEO boasts, “You’ll be able to find a date as easy as it is to order a pizza or a cab,” which is kind of concerning, but okay. Somehow we’re not surprised that there are more male users on this app.

10. Happn: 40.4%

Happn is definitely a diamond in the rough. There are only about 40% girls on the app, plus the users had the highest engagement of all apps. This is good if you’re trying to schedule a date ASAP, but bad if you’re the type of girl who signs up for a dating app and doesn’t check it for a week (trust me, I know from experience).

11. Black People Meet: 32.6%

Apparently there are tons of eligible black men waiting to meet you on Black People Meet. Get on that!!!

12. Zoosk: 27.5%

I’m pretty sure Zoosk is that app that used to always advertise on my Facebook saying I could “meet my next boyfriend.” Maybe they were right, considering most users are men. As an added bonus, the app offers photo verification, so if the guy you’re talking to is verified you know he’s not a catfish.

13. Grindr- 6.8%

Somehow I’m not surprised that only about seven percent of the users on Grindr are women, in fact, I’m kind of confused why there are even girls on Grindr in the first place?


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