7 Reasons You Need To Use Dating Apps On Vacation

Nothing is more exciting than having the opportunity to travel to a new city. You can try new foods, see new sights, and meet new people. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught in a tourist trap (especially if traveling with a big group of friends). So, what’s the one thing you were missing on your last vacation? Would you believe me if I said Tinder? No? Well you should, here’s why:

1. It is SO Easy

With apps like Tinder and Happn, you have no excuse not to meet a guy while traveling. Gone are the days when you would idly sip your Sangria at the hotel bar waiting for Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet. Now, you can simply swipe from the beach until you find someone who fits your ideal picture of a summer romance. Granted, you do still need to be safe about these things. If your mother knew that you were meeting up with guys from the internet in a foreign country, she would probably book your flight home this instant. Always meet in a public place, and tell somebody where you’re going (and who with). Although the worst that will probably happen is your date tries to eat your face at the dinner table, better safe than sorry.

2. Other Countries Take Apps More Seriously

Tinder has a pretty bad rep over here in America, and if girls had a dollar for every “sit on my face” message they receive, they’d have a new pair of Louboutins. However, in Europe (and other countries as well), people actually still respect dating culture. Unlike dudes in America who swipe right until they find a chick they can take home to their parent’s basement, foreign guys at least have the decency to ask you out to dinner first. Who knows, maybe you really can find love on Tinder!

3. You’ll Get Your Own Personal Tour Guide

Remember when your parents dragged you to the Coliseum and you nearly fell asleep listening to the old tourist guide drone on about Ancient Rome? I’m sure you would have been much more apt to pay attention if your tour guide was a hottie with a cute accent (not to mention is closer to your age). It’s easy to find a guy who wants to show off his knowledge of his city to a pretty foreign girl (especially because to him you’re easy pickings). Sure, the motivation behind his tour is that he wants to be your vacation sex, but you can just as easily skip the post-tour fornicating and simply get a good tour of the city through a local’s eyes.

4. You’ll Discover Secret Spots

By being shown around by a local (or even just going on dates with one), you will naturally be lead to spots that the brochures (or your parents) don’t know about. That cute hole in the wall restaurant with killer tacos or that speakeasy with banging tequila mixers is something that will give you an authentic travel experience rather than just hitting the cliche tourist spots.

5. You’ll Learn the Lingo

Would you fancy a drink with a London lad? Or maybe be keen to go back to his place?

Yeah…even if you’re traveling to an English speaking country, they’re not using the same slang as you do wherever you’re from. If you’re headed to a non-English speaking destination, it’s an even better place to practice a new language (regardless if your last experience was in 12th grade French class). You’re not going to get the full cultural experience if you don’t learn new things and get out of your comfort zone. If getting out of your comfort zone involves a sexy Italian guy teaching you to say “I want you inside me,” then that’s cool too!

6. You’ll Get Some Alone Time

The worst thing about traveling is that you tend to get sick of whomever you chose to travel with. Whether it’s your family or your best girl-friends, too much together-ness isn’t good for anyone. While exploring alone is awesome, you might just need a new perspective and adventure buddy (with a nice butt).

7. Freebies

Even if your date is a complete dud, you at least get a free drink or meal out of it. We all know that traveling is expensive as hell, and every little bit helps. Even if your date hardly speaks English and keeps making creepy gestures across the table, try your best to sit through it and indulge in your authentic Italian pasta.

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