Your Official Girl’s Night Out Drink Menu

A typical G.N.O. consists of carefully thought out attire, painfully cute heels, a great bar/club—or 5—and the perfect drink to accompany your #OOTN (outfit of the night). I’ve found that ordering the same old drink time and again is effing boring—how many cran-vodkas can I drink before I turn into a literal cranberry? Lucky for you, not to mention for the sake of your next coveted G.N.O., I’ve done some digging to find a handful of some must-try drinks.

Seven and Seven: Keep it cool, simple and classic with Seagram’s 7 Crown Whisky and 7-Up. Psst…You can barely taste the whisky!


Gin Fizz: If you love lemonade then this cocktail was made for you. Along with the gin, there’s lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water, which, when all mixed together, are reminiscent of my Limonata filled childhood.

Cuba Libre: This drink is very similar to a rum and coke, but the key is lime juice. This drink is my personal favorite, as the citrus really compliments (aka masks) the rum flavors.

Juan Collins: Feeling tropical or looking to get a little frisky for the night? With tequila, club soda, lemon juice and agave nectar, you’re guaranteed to cut a rug out on the dance floor with your girls.

The Zombie: Looking to get fucked up? The Zombie is a lesser-known classic drink, and the amount of alcohol that’s in this surprisingly girly looking drink should probably be illegal. With 3 different kinds of rum, brandy, a dash of sugar syrup, lime and pineapple juice, you’re guaranteed to feel some type of way. If you’re a #downassbetch (and you can hold your liquor well), then I highly suggest you try this for an unforgettable G.N.O.

Ladies, I wish you and all of your G.N.O. endeavors the best of luck this weekend. Just remember to drink a tall glass of water with each drink you down and a giant glass of H2o right before you go to bed, so you don’t end up looking like a zombie too. Remember- Girl’s night is YOUR night, which gives you 100% permission to have some fun with it, go a little cray and Instagram your new favorite #GNOdrink!

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