6 Reasons Why Vacation Boyfriends Are Way Better Than Real Boyfriends

Let’s face it, we all have those moments where we want a boyfriend, no matter how independent we are. However, once you actually get a boyfriend, you’re quickly reminded of the jealousy, waiting around, and clinginess that ensues… this is why you need to get yourself a vacation boyfriend and enjoy all the perks without the peskiness.

1. You Never Get Sick of Each Other

Although in the honeymoon period of a relationship you want to be together 24/7, that quickly fades. When your boyfriend lives 3,000 miles away, you never have to worry about feeling guilty about going out for a girls night or spending the weekend with your sister in D.C.

2. Snail Mail is Nice Mail

If there’s one thing a guy can do to make me go crazy, it’s sending me a letter and/or postcard. When your boo is far away, you guys can make use of cute romantic gestures like this to make him not feel so far away. If your dude is in another country, you won’t be able to text all the time, and the times you do get to chat will be even more special (not to mention you won’t have a reason to freak out when he doesn’t respond to your message within five minutes).

3. You Get a Free Vacation Spot

If you start romancing a boy in Miami, he’s going to want you to come visit eventually… right?


4. You Have a Private Tour Guide (who knows the best spots)

Don’t do the tourist-y stuff when you’re away, with a hot local you can see all the best spots for free (and maybe have intimacy in some of them?)

5. You Get All The Good, and None of the Bad

When you’re with a guy for a weekend, you get to go on dates, have lots of nice time, and listen to him whisper sweet nothings into your ear. When you’re with a guy for a month, you see how he never folds his laundry, farts in his sleep, and blows his nose in the shower…. gross.

6. When it Ends, it’s Quick and Painless

When you guys eventually stop talking, it’s not going to hurt your achey-breaky heart too much, because you’ll never have to see him (or things that remind you of him) again. On to the next trip!


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