Why Use Tinder For Sex When You Can Use Tinder For Pizza?


If you ask a group of girls if they have used Tinder, almost all of them will probably say yes. Yet, if you ask how many of them have actually hooked up with a guy from Tinder, only a few (if any) will say yes. So, if girls aren’t using Tinder to get laid, what’s the point of it?

Many would argue that chicks just use it for a self-confidence boost. However, these girls clearly found a better use for the “dating” app.

What do these girls know that we don’t? That, apparently, some guys will buy random chicks from Tinder pizza.


Groups of girls have been participating in what they call “The Tinder Games.” To win the game, you must get a guy from Tinder to order you a pizza, whoever’s pizza gets delivered first wins. What do they win? Not really sure because they already have pizza…I’m also not quite sure why guys would voluntarily be such tools? Maybe they’re just nice guys who don’t mind dropping 20 bucks on a pizza for a hot girl? Maybe they’re hoping they’ll eventually get laid out of it? I almost want to try this for myself…



Worried about all the calories in pizza? Apparently this game works with other types of food too, as you can see below: Tinder_Games_Galore

Although the girl above clearly can’t spell “literally” she does know how to work her assets to get free sh*t.

Be right back, going to swipe right until someone buys my lunch!


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