Galore Guide: The Dos And Don’ts of Dating Apps

There’s a lot of fish in the sea, we all know, but it’s getting harder and harder to “go fishing” when we’re all so busy all the time. While online dating sites like and E-Harmony used to be places reserved for the old, the desperate, and the strange; online dating is becoming the norm for a lot of people.


As a 21 year old girl, newly moved to New York, and working three jobs (all in female dominated fields), the only guys I really meet are out at clubs/bars, and those are not particularly the guys I want to meet.


Therefore, I didn’t see anything wrong with tapping into Tinder, downloading Happn (if you don’t know about Happn, read my other article on the app), and even considered getting a Hinge profile. The ideal thing about dating apps like this as opposed to something like OkCupid, is that you can only receive messages from those that you have a mutual “like” with. However, there are still a lot of things someone new to dating apps should know, which is why I am sharing some tips with you.

DO: Keep your options open

Originally, I tended to only “like” those guys who were absolutely drool-worthy. The more I did this, the more boring conversations I had. I even ended up going out with a male model and actually thinking of ways to escape because he was that dull. It’s hard when you’re judging someone based solely on looks, and you certainly shouldn’t “like” someone you’re not physically attracted to. But in reality, sometimes the beauties don’t get the brains.


DON’T: Have high expectations

This is just a life motto of mine in general. But you need to realize that guys are just as stealthy as girls when it comes to putting their best foot forward. If a guy’s pics are all far away? Run. Sometimes you get the dudes that look way better in person, and sometimes you need an escape route.


DO: Enjoy the free perks

As bad as the date could be, you’re most likely getting a free meal out of it (or at least a few drinks). Worst comes to worst, you got out there and tried something new, and you can use it as practice for those dates where you actually want your date to like you!


DON’T: “Hang Out”

Ignoring all safety reasons that this is wrong, DO NOT go to a guys house on the first date. If a guy messages me some vague plans about “hanging out” I don’t take him seriously until he actually forms a plan of where we’re going and when. If a guy can’t even take the initiative to pick a place to take you for your first date, he’s clearly not somebody you want to see in the future.


DO: Take all the breaks you need

Once you start a new dating app, it can escalate very quickly. How many small-talk filled conversations can you really have at once? There are definitely days (or weeks) where I just don’t go onto my dating apps at all because dating should be fun, not a chore (although taking weeks off can give you anxiety with all those notifications)..


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