6 Reasons It’s Good You’re Away From Your F*ck Buddy This Summer


Ah, summer love… remember the days when you and that cute lifeguard would walk hand in hand down the boardwalk and you’d swear that you were never going back to school without him?

Yeah… me too. It was all so romantic until you ran into each other three years later at an ice cream stand and you found out that he dropped out of high school :/

Regardless, now that you’re in college you might be facing a different kind of lost love, your current f*ck buddy. Unless you are plagued with going to one of the rare year-round colleges (ahem, Drexel) or are stuck at summer school, you’re probably away from the dude who would always be sending you the 2 am “you up?” texts.

This may seem like a bummer. Especially if you’re stuck in your parent’s house and can’t even use your vibrator for fear that your father will think you’re using power tools and run upstairs very concerned. However, you and your consistent booty call being away from each other is not all bad news, here’s why:

1. Because You Might Catch The Feels

This should be an obvious one. As much as having a f*ck buddy seems so cool and feminist of you, you can’t pretend that it’s easy to sleep with someone constantly and not crave their affection. If you are sad about leaving this dude for the summer, there’s a 90% chance that you’re secretly going to miss more than just his dick. Instead of hurling yourself into the whole “does he like me or does he just like my pussy” debacle and making things complicated, you can now run off to The Hamptons for the summer and forget all about him.

2. Or Live Happily Ever After

Okay, sorry I am a bit cynical when it comes to love (or maybe just college relationships). Maybe instead of you catching the feels and ruining your relationship, you both catch the feels. Maybe it takes being away from each other for you both to realize that you miss each other for more than just the sex, and come fall term you’re living happily ever after like a drunk Cinderella and Prince Charming. Who knows, anything could happen.

3. You’ll Both Learn New Tricks

Even if you’re stuck in bum-fuck-ville during the summer, you’ll probably still get a little action (isn’t that what Tinder is for?). If you’re lucky enough to be going abroad to a foreign country, you’ll probably get a lot. Either way, you may very well learn some new tricks to bring back to school with you come fall, and hopefully your f*ck buddy will too.

4. Everyone Is Hotter In The Summer

Why is everyone hotter in the summer? Because not only is everyone happier, but everyone is tanner. Also, everyone is usually in better shape due to the extra time for the gym, beautiful weather for being outside, etc. Although I’m sure you were already drooling over your booty call’s biceps last March, he’s going to come back with bronzed biceps in September, and maybe he even got a new tattoo! If he’s smart, he’ll notice how good you look too, and nothing to get you going like some fresh compliments!

5. He Could Make Your Summer a Bummer

If you were stuck on campus in the summer, you can’t pretend that there would really be much to do. Honestly, you and your booty call would probably end up in bed even more than you did last semester. And while that doesn’t sound all bad initially, just picture your summer being spent having sweaty sex in your crappy apartment while watching Netflix in between rounds. Again, not horrible, but wouldn’t you rather be doing something…i don’t know, fun? Or at least active? Save these times for next winter when you have an actual excuse for not going outside.

6. The Reunion Sex Will Be Wild

You know those airport scenes in romance movies where they run into each others arms straight off the plane? Yeah… I don’t see those happening in our future anytime soon, but you and your f*ck buddy will have some awesome reunion sex once you’re both back on campus. Just combine the fact that you’re both hotter, have learned some new tricks, and have been missing each other (or at least each other’s bodies), for about three months. Viola! Instant orgasm.

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