Apps That You Need To Download Now

I am not a “tech guy” by any means but I am a fan of anything that can keep me distracted on the subway, in class (oops) or just in my downtime. So when these new apps came my way, I was eager to try them and lo and behold I am now addicted. Need more reasons to be glued to your phone? Here are the newest.

Galore Mag - Flirtmoji
Wish there were sexier options on the emoji keyboard than the basic finger ring and pointer finger coupling (you know what i’m talking about)? Flirtmoji has you covered. Every kink and fetish symbol you can think of is available in this app. There are dicks, whips, clits and collars, meaning if you want to sext nowadays, your job just got a whole lot easier.

Yik Yak
Galore Mag - Yik Yak
Twitter has been pretty dead for a while now, going from a venting outlet to another method of following famous people who don’t give a shit about you. Yik Yak is a Twitter for the people. An anonymous app where you can pretty much type whatever you want and be vindicated for it. Your move Twitter.

Galore Mag - Happn

Since Tinder became synonymous with creeper, we’ve all been desperately looking for another miracle dating app and this one may just be the new candidate. An app that alerts you to other app users who you have crossed paths with, this one so far seems thankfully less sketchy than Tinder and offers many new and exciting possibilities. Although it does still have the potential to delve into creepiness further on. Fingers crossed.

Galore Mag - Bandsintown

Because we are all music obsessed, this latest app is the one that we are going to be addicted to this season. A new app that alerts you to artists who will be playing shows in your area, now we can know in advance when to desperately search for the cheapo tickets before they’re all gone. You’re welcome.

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