9 Guys Share The Weirdest Messages They’ve Gotten On Grindr

The internet is bursting with hilarious, genius, and wildly inappropriate message exchanges from Tinder. Yes, guys say dumb stuff on Tinder, but they tone it down slightly because they know they’re talking to ladies.

If you want to see what guys message on dating apps when they’re not trying to appease the opposite gender, ask a gay pal for a peek into his Grindr account.

If you don’t have the luxury of having gay friends, you’re missing out. But it’s okay, I asked all of my gay friends (and other Galore readers) for the weirdest messages they’ve ever received on Grindr that so you could laugh along with us.

1. This Sounds Profitable

“I’ve been asked to sell my old boat shoes to someone. I’ve been asked if I would stand on someone’s face then sit on their shoulders for money. I could go on and on…”

2. Looking For a Therapist Instead of D

3. That’s Not My Name

4. I’m Not Smiling Anymore

5. You’re In The Wrong Place

6. That Turned Hostile Quickly
7. Accidents Happen

8. Very Professional

9. A Little Sugar Daddy Never Hurt Nobody

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