Snooki, Kylie & RuPaul Appear on ‘Kocktails With Khloé’ Tomorrow

Worlds are colliding!

The rulers of three separate eras of reality and talk TV are all appearing on one soundstage tomorrow to drink and talk shit.

For one, we have Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner — icons of 2010s TV.

Then we have Snooki, an empress of reality TV in the 2000s thanks to her show-stealing, seasons-long stint on “Jersey Shore,” maybe you’ve heard of it.

And finally, RuPaul, the alt queen of down-and-dirty 90s talk shows, who still has her own reality empire to this day.

They’re all appearing on “Kocktails With Khloé” tomorrow night and it’s sure to be pretty insane for anyone who considers themselves a pop culture junky. One clip from the show has Snooki — sorry, Nicole — confronting Khloé about the time Khlo pulled a major “do you know who I am” moment with poor Snooks.

Snooki explains that Kim invited her to hang out chez Kardashian a few years ago. But when she introduced Nicole to Khloé, the middle Kardashian sister responded with an icy, “What’s she doing here?” Ouch.

Khloé’s reaction sums it up.

Watch the clip below. And definitely watch “Kocktails” tomorrow night, because this is “Valley of the Dolls” level cult pop weirdness in the making.

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