Pia Mia Joins Forces With Madonna As The New Face Of Material Girl

Pia Mia is the new face of Material Girl, the juniors clothing collection Madonna fronts with her teenage daughter, Lourdes. Pia will have a hand in designing the line, as well as starring in campaigns and appearing as a representative for the brand at Macy’s across the country.

The brand will also team up with StyleHaul network for a docu-series that will star Pia Mia in her process of creative directing for Material Girl. The singer, who Madonna said she chose based on her “creativity, confidence and unique sense of style,” was excited to announce her new position this month, crediting Madonna as her icon.

No worries, people, this new position isn’t going to get in the way of Pia Mia’s music career.

“I’ve been working on my new album for a minute,” she said, when we met for the brand’s launch. “We dropped ‘Do It Again’ almost a year ago, so we’re hoping to put another single out really soon, shoot a video for it, and then move forward with the album.”

“Can you tell me about the process of getting Chris Brown on ‘Do It Again?'” I had to ask.

“It was really organic,” she said. “I’d known Chris for a minute, I’d known Tyga for a minute. I’d made the song like two years before, with just me on it. But then I randomly stopped by their session one day and played it for them. They were like, that song is crazy, can we get in on it?

“Did you choose the clothes for your music video?”

“Totally. I’m very hands on with my work. I’m not going to do something that’s not representing who I am, or how I feel.”

Pia Mia - Material Girl - Galore Mag

I wondered if working on so many projects would take a toll, but Pia assured me that that’s just the way she likes it.

“I’ve been working since I was 8 years old. Work is what I’ve always known. Before I found music, I was super shy. I’d talk to my parents and they’d communicate with people for me. I was in a school musical for Cinderella, and then I started singing for Japanese weddings. Then I started doing humanitarian tours in the Philippines… I felt good when I was working. Working doesn’t drive me insane,” she finished. “And I have my family around me all the time.”

Pia Mia - Material Girl - Galore Mag

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