12 People Share The Most Brutal Way They’ve Been Dumped

Breaking up is hard to do, but have you ever gotten dumped and wondered WTF that asshole was thinking when he broke up with you in such an insensitive, douche-y way?

These people have. Take this as a reminder that even though you’ve gone through some shitty breakups, they probably weren’t as bad as these.

1. Girls On Film

“A group of guys decided to run away from my boarding school because they had gotten in trouble. They were staying at this kid’s girlfriend’s dorm at the University of Maryland. The cops showed up at the dorm to take them back to school. The guys figured out that the reason they had gotten caught was because she ratted them out. So, they took a sex tape this guy had with her, typed up a letter, and sent it to her parents saying, ‘what your daughter has been up to.’ The day her parents got the letter, he dumped her, and they took her out of school.”

2. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

“My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me on Christmas Eve, a.k.a. my favorite day of the year.”

3. Happy Birthday?

“He was being very sketchy that week and there were rumors going around that he cheated (I still don’t know if he did), but he ended up breaking up with me two days before my birthday, even though he told me a few days before, ‘I would never break up with you this close to your birthday.'”

4. The Queef That Kills

“I got broken up with on our one year anniversary. After the dinner date as he was leaving my house, he started making fun of me and dumped me when his ride got to my house. This was freshman year of high school and apparently maturity was not a thing then (or even now). A week before this, we had sex and a baby queef happened while changing positions, but he told all of his friends who made fun of me all week. So what he said was, ‘yeah, I can’t be with you without laughing about this, sorry.'”

5. How Mathematic Of Him

“A guy I was seeing told me he ‘70% didn’t have time for me & 30% can’t see himself committing.’ This happened the week before my birthday and after I had bought us $600 Drake tickets for his graduation present.”

6. This Is Awkward

“He became Facebook official with someone while we were dating.”

7. Go Print Yourself

“My ex came to my apartment and used my printer to print his project and then broke up with me, which was rude because I tried to break up with him two weeks before and then took him back. I hysterically cried for a solid two hours and then locked my door and refused to talk to anyone. Also rude because I had already bought a formal dress for his frat formal the next weekend and he took a chick in another sorority and posted pictures of her sitting on his lap legit a week after we broke up.”

8. It’s Never Enough

“My ex broke up with me because 1. I didn’t care to have serious conversations about world news and politics and 2. I didn’t have enough sex with him.”

9. Not Before Finals Week!

“I had a boyfriend for a year and a half and he broke up with me through a phone call a week before finals freshman year. His reason was that we were in college and I limited that experience (a.k.a. he basically wanted to hook up with everything that moved).”

10. That’s Shitty

“My friend was hesitant about trying anal. She finally tried it with him the day before Valentine’s Day. Then, her boyfriend dumped her the next day because he wanted to spend Valentine’s Day gambling and she wouldn’t do it.”

11. He Doesn’t Like Long Walks On The Beach I Guess

“Six years ago, I was seeing a guy and we were at my shore house. I asked him to walk on the beach with me during the sunrise because we were up. On the spot he said, ‘go fuck yourself,’ and left. I was so damn confused. There was never an explanation. He asked me out to dinner like two weeks ago though.”

12. A New Level of Ghosting

“I was with my ex for about three and a half years and then he started drinking all the time on top of his medicine, which was a Xanax equivalent, so he would always black out. It got so bad that he would just say crazy things to me and act like a complete ass and then the next day just say, ‘I love you.’ One night, he broke up with me and said some pretty derogatory things, so I never talked to him for months until after I left for college. He doesn’t remember ever breaking up with me (or so he says) and will still text and call me from time to time.”

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