Ordering Champagne Will Help You Get Creeped On Less

In a recent Budweiser survey, men were asked which drinks make girls seem the most approachable, and the majority of men unsurprisingly chose a domestic beer as the number one sign that a girl is chill.

But many of us would rather appear less chill so that dudes will leave us alone. I mean, girls get bothered by dudes a lot — when we’re on the subway, when we’re walking to the gym, when we’re taking out their garbage–all the fucking time. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I’m never going to change my drink order in hopes of getting hit on more.

But maybe, just maybe I would change my drink order in hopes of getting hit on less, wouldn’t you? Especially on those particular nights when I was not in the mood to deal with douchebags telling me to smile and all my other anti-creep tactics had failed.

The good news? Champagne was rated as the drink that makes a chick seem the most un-approachable and “high maintenance.” Translation: You now have another reason to pop a bottle and guzzle more of your fave bubbly drink.

Clearly, guys are a little clueless about what really makes a girl high maintenance considering that Andre and Barefoot sell champagne (or sparkling wine technically, but whatevs) at $6 a bottle. But that’s okay, we don’t want to let them in on our little secret anyway.

Besides, it’s always a good time for champagne. Whether you’re trying to avoid men, or trying to cozy up to the dudes who just bought 5 magnum bottles of Dom at the club. Plus, the champagne emoji is the new eggplant emoji, and nothing is better than sexual innuendos and getting turnt off of sparkly shit.

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