Is Beer Really The Best Kept Secret In Hair Care?

Now don’t get me wrong, I like beer as much as the next girl but putting it in my hair? I don’t think so. The only beer I want in my shower is the one in my hand, thank you.

Yet despite my trepidation, everywhere I turned to on the Internet said the same thing: beer is good for your hair. Why? Beer’s two major ingredients, malt and hops, are full of protein and protein can strengthen hair cuticles AKA the layer of dead cells wrapped around the outermost part of the hair shaft. Apparently it also makes your hair shiner – just ask Catherine Zeta Jones.  Apparently beer‘s been her secret all along.


Even though the idea still repulsed me, I couldn’t deny that I was curious. If it worked so well for Catherine, why couldn’t it work for me?  We were both brunettes.  Still, mostly, I was just filled with questions like:

Would I end up smelling like beer?
Would my hair congeal into a sticky mess?
Or would I suddenly become irresistible to boys all around the world?

Obviously, I had to see for myself.  Catherine Zeta Jones, here I come.

Step 1: Choose your beer

Since malts and hops are what’s really good for your hair, I went out and picked the maltiest, hopiest beer I could find. 
  And make sure you buy an extra beer for yourself.  You need a little liquid courage.

Step 2: Let it sit until it’s at room temperature

Why?  I dunno, but every website seems to be in agreement here.

Step 4: Shampoo as usual

Step 5: Apply your beer.

After squeezing out all the water and shampoo that you possibly can, start dousing your hair in beer.  While the smell is initially overwhelming, don’t worry, after a couple of minutes, the odor lessens…or maybe you just get used to it.  Either way, it gets better.    Leave in your beer treatment anywhere from 3-10 minutes.

Step 6: Condition!

Alcohol will dry out your hair, plus you don’t wanna walk around all day smelling like beer, so this step is absolutely crucial.

But will it work?

Absolutely not.  My hair is neither shinier nor softer, although at least after 3 hours my hair no longer smells like beer.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some, but at least my follicles got to spend the day drunk.

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