How Guys Are Judging You Based on Your Drink Choice

Have you ever ordered an IPA because the hot guy at the bar with you loves beer and will probs think you’re chill af if you order a beer?

You’re not alone, and you’re not wrong.

In fact, a recent study by Budweiser surveyed guys about what they think of a girl based on the drink she orders. If you think that guys don’t judge you on little things like what type of cocktail you order, you’re wrong. In fact, guys already make assumptions about a girl from just sitting at a bar in the first place, cool.

If you were ever wondering what your nightly gin and tonic conveys to potential suitors, now you can find out, laugh, and proceed to order the same drink next time you’re out.

1. Domestic Beer = Chill AF

Suspiciously, domestic beers (a Budweiser) were ranked as the best drink for women to order so that they appear “friendly” and “low-maintenance.” But it’s also not that suspicious, because guys are notorious for loving girls that are “one of the guys.” Try ordering a domestic beer, man-spreading your thighs on the stool, and talking about football. If you throw in a burp in there, you’re guaranteed to have dudes all over you.

2. Imported Beer = Maybe low maintenance, maybe psycho

Only 36% of dudes viewed women who drink imported beers as “friendly” and “low-maintenance,” whereas 70% did for domestic beers. This is kind of good, because domestic beers are usually the cheapest, and if you’re going to spend money you might as well get something better than beer, am I right?

3. Wine = Not Lit

Not sure what dudes have against wine, considering it’ll get girls drunker (and hornier) way quicker than beer, but maybe they have mommy issues or something because 31% of guys ranked women who drink wine as being “boring” and “predictable.” Then again, being predictable may not be a bad thing considering every guy hates “crazy” girls.

4. Champagne = Bougie

Unsurprisingly, 57% of dudes think that chicks who drink champagne are “high maintenance” and have “expensive taste,” which means that 57% of dudes are not aware that Andre sells champagne for $4 a bottle. Tragic.

5. Margarita = Shallow But Also Fun?

Not sure why margaritas equate to a chick being shallow, but maybe it’s because she wants to drink enough tequila to think a dude is cute enough to bring home? 50% of guys viewed margarita drinkers as “energetic,” “outgoing,” and “a bit shallow.” Interesting…

6. Cosmo = Wannabe Carrie Bradshaw

Sorry girl, but Carrie Bradshaw is a thing of the past and so are cosmos, because even dudes think they’re passé. 48% of guys think a girl drinking a cosmo is “trying to seem trendy and fashionable,” which might be the only one of these that’s on point.

7. Gin & Tonic = Snooooze

Like wine, G+T’s get a bad rep for no concrete reason. 22% of bros think women who order it are “predictable” and “cautious.” Weirdly enough, 30% of women think that guys who drink gin and tonics are “a bit calculating” and “analytical.” Double standards prevail yet again.

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