An Ode To The Best Sex And The City Characters: Carrie’s Shoes

Alert, alert! SJP was caught on her home turf aka Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Sex and the City stoop. The actress just recently launched a shoe line and decided to go for an unauthorized photo shoot. While this is technically considered trespassing, this stoop would be nowhere without SJP. The whole thing just brought us back to the glory days of SATC and the importance of a good shoe, especially to Carrie. Here’s an ode to the best and most memorable shoes of Sex and the City.

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by: Shannon Kurlander


The pink fuzzy heels
When Burger and Carrie were lacking in the bedroom these fuzzy wonders helped spice up their love life.

The Pink Cover Girl Chanels
Carrie becomes a cover girl for her first book, which is all too much of a scene, and these gorgeous ballet heels steal the show.
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The Vogue Manolo Mary Janes
As if you didn’t envy Carrie enough, she stepped into the illustrious Vogue closet and snatched a pair of these Monolo Mary Jane’s.

The Stolen Manolos
With one of the best episode titles, “A Woman’s Right To Shoes”, Carrie’s precious silver Monolo’s were stolen after she had to take them off at a party. The awful woman who owned the house thought the whole matter was silly…a stolen Manolo is never silly.

The Ruffled Louboutins
“Hello lover.” These rose ruffled Louboutins came to Carrie like a dream, through her favorite pastime of window shopping. These were meant for her goodbye to Big but ended up getting ruined when Miranda’s water broke. Good thing she has plenty of shoes…right?

The Engagement Manolo
It’s hard to want to say something nice about Big, but at least when he went to win Carrie back he proposed in the proper Cinderella way equipped with a royal blue Manolo.

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