Our Generation Drank More Than Half the Wine in America Last Year

If I were to tell you that millennials drink more of a certain beverage than any other generation, what would you guess?

Fireball? Coffee? Natty Light?

Surprisingly, the answer is wine.

According to a study done by Wine Market Council, drinkers aged 21-38 drank almost 159.6 million cases of wine last year, or over half of America’s wine.

This age group averaged two cases of wine per person, with each case generally containing 12 bottles. When you think of your “trophy case” of empty bottles, the amount of wine you purchased on your last birthday weekend, or how many liters are in a box of Franzia, you’re probably not too shocked at this statistic.

After all, Amy Schumer falls into the millennial age range, and we’ve all seen her impressively sized wine glass (and simultaneously wondered where we could get one).

While your usual wine of choice may be a bottle of Barefoot Sparkling Moscato or a bag of Franzia Delicious Red, the study also found that our generation is more willing to spend $20 on a bottle of wine. While this may be a bit ironic considering that $20 bottle of wine may be drunk through a funnel, our generation is also not known to be great with managing our money.

Additionally, amongst our age range of wine drinkers, two thirds of avid wine drinkers were women.

In conclusion, maybe our generation is classier than we thought?

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