8 ‘Crazy’ Girlfriends Tell Their Side Of The Story

Guys love to call their exes crazy. It’s like a competition of sorts. How crazy was your ex? Did she go through your phone once after you cheated on her 15 times in her own apartment? Did she break up with you after you hit her? Did she, god forbid, show emotions in public? What a crazy bitch.

Reddit user cstepheng asked the “crazy” girlfriends of Reddit to tell their side of the story, which couldn’t be more perfect because male Reddit users are exactly the type of dudes to swear by the fact that all girls are “crazy.” Why not a different word? Because the amount of time it’d take them to think of a more accurate word would probably eat too much into their allotted time to play Pokémon Go.

We highlighted some of our favorite examples of how guys seem to call girls crazy when the exact opposite is true. Read the full thread here, and try to remember that it takes a crazy boyfriend to make a crazy girlfriend.

1. Material Girl

“I had a terrible birthday that year. My mom had a positive biopsy, the cancer had spread, and… it looked super high risk. There was drama at work, where I had to perform layoffs on some long term employees. I texted him about it. He texted me back to make sure I was going to be home that night, and that he was then at my apartment. I thought maybe he was going to surprise me with dinner or something.

I come home and he had been watching my TV (his cable was off) and left fast food wrappers all over my couch. I was miserable and planned to take a bath and get drunk. Next thing you know, his son is at the door. My ex had dropped him off, expecting me to babysit overnight while he went to Hooters with friends. He refused to answer his phone. When he did, he said he didn’t see the big deal, as I said I would be home.

His version? I broke up with him because he didn’t get me a birthday present, and I was too materialistic.” – MoxieStrangler

2. Sucks To Suck, Literally

“He suddenly dropped me, and meanwhile my vacuum and a bunch of my DVDs were in his apartment. I had his spare key, so one day I just barged in, took my stuff, and left his key. I know it was a total ‘crazy girl’ thing to do, but like, give me my fucking vacuum back.” – unicorn-jones

3. A New Level Of Sleazy

“I was meeting his friends for the first time. We all went out and then came back to his house for drinks. I’m talking to his friends getting to know them and be social. He’s upstairs and talking to another friend. Girl walks in and goes upstairs, I think nothing of it until his friend comes down and I’m being directed elsewhere.

I realize they’re trying to distract me and of course since I’d been drinking everything was a lot bigger of a deal. I throw a fit and go and knock at the LOCKED door and might’ve start screaming because what else was I supposed to do when the guy I’m seeing is in a locked room with a pretty girl? I’m humiliated, can’t be talked down and am alone cause they’re all his friends. Screaming, crying and the like.

So that’s how I became the crazy one.” – like_my_coffee_black


4. Sex Offenders Are Not That Chill

“I found out that my ex was a registered sex offender (the victim was a young child), on probation, considered at high risk to reoffend, and had several court mandated restrictions and requirements. His dad and stepmother had helped him hide it from me for close to three years.

I dumped him immediately and went no contact, but a friend of mine started dating him. She helped care for her sister’s child, who was the same age and gender as my ex’s victim. I told her and she confronted him. He denied it and said that I was a crazy jealous bitch who couldn’t handle being dumped. She accused me of slandering him and trying to ruin his life. This was before the Internet, so I showed her the court records I had copies of. She dumped him and outed him publicly.

He then went on a campaign to trash me to anyone who would listen to his rants. I was crazy, a whore, cheated on him, had STDs, stole from him, physically assaulted him, turned tricks to support a drug habit, you name it, I did it.

I’m just glad this happened in the early 90s or he’d have put it all online and it’d have been a lot harder to put behind me.” – HereticHousewife

5. Not The Sneakiest?

“My ex posted pictures on Facebook of a girl wearing the sweatshirt I bought him. When I called him out on it, he quickly deleted the photo and called me a psycho. He literally tried to convince me I was crazy, until I showed him the screenshot I took of that picture on my phone. He then said that he posted that picture because they had the same sweatshirt and it was such a big coincidence! Too bad that sweatshirt was from Goodwill for a football team at a random high school all the way across the country with the same jersey number on the back.

He then tried to tell me I was a psycho jealous bitch until I told him to cut the shit and he admitted to cheating on me with her multiple times. This guy was another kind of stupid.” – pharmaSEE

6. Because Consent Doesn’t Matter, Right?

“He was controlling and abusive. He had separated me from my family and friends and was pushing me (a very religious and socially conservative girl) into a sexual relationship I was not ready for. I started having panic attacks after sexual encounters before I literally ran away to Alaska (I was 18 at the time). He told everyone I knew that I was insane and had stolen a bunch of his stuff for drug money. Fun times.” – LifeCrisisKate

7. Video Game Cheating! The Horror!

“I dated my first serious boyfriend for about two and a half years. A little over a year in, he became verbally abusive and eventually physically abusive. He demanded all of my free time, didn’t let me have any friends, and wouldn’t even let me play online video games because he thought I would meet someone else through them. I broke up with him and he stalked me for five months. He was telling all of his friends that we were still together. I met someone else and he followed us on one of our dates, and then he told all of his friends that I cheated on him. One of the girls he told actually called me a bitch for it and treats me like crap when I see her on campus. I think they’re dating now, ha.”- ganondorfa

8. Take Him To Court

“Boyfriend I lost my virginity to took a video of me while we were having sex without my knowledge and spread it throughout high school. I was most definitely under 18 and he did not get into any sort of trouble by school admins. Told the whole school I was psycho/attention seeking because the day I found out about it being shared, I called him a hundred times freaking out and crying.” – Plz_and_danks


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