How to Keep Undesirable Guys From Hitting On You in Public

Every girl gets hit on when she goes out because men are dogs, and batting away dudes can be time-consuming and annoying, especially when you’re just trying to hang out with your friends.

If you find that you’re constantly being hit on by creeps and weirdos, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve reverse-engineered a Reddit thread on how girls can be more approachable, and turned it into a guide for not getting hit on by the type of guys who hang out on Reddit. Useful, right?

1. Hang Out With As Big A Crew As Possible

Most dudes on Reddit seem to swear by the fact that they’ll only approach a girl if she’s standing alone, which leaves us to wonder just where they’re hitting on girls, because the idea of a chick standing alone in a bar sounds a bit strange and vulnerable.

Regardless, dudes seem to all agree that if a girl is in a huge group of people (even if they’re all other hot girls a la cheerleader effect), they’re way too scared to approach them. Translation: surround yourself with an army of friends and guys will leave you alone.

2. Rest That Bitch Face All The Way Up

Dudes of Reddit claim that any girl who’s not smiling wide like a cheerleader is way too “bitchy” for them. Weirdly enough, if I ever saw a guy who was standing alone and smiling to himself, I’d probs assume he needed to be taken to the psych ward.

But for guys, apparently a person who’s standing alone smiling in public is the perfect mate. It shouldn’t be too hard to avoid doing this.

3. Constantly Troll Instagram

Looks like the classic “pretending you’re on your phone to avoid small talk” trick actually works because tons of guys on the thread said that girls look super unapproachable when they’re staring at their phone.

4. Avoid All Eye Contact

If you didn’t get the hint from #3, the point was that you cannot make any eye contact. Dudes are idiots. If they see a girl looking at them, they’re going to assume you want their dick. Don’t take the chance of looking at a guy your friend pointed out because he has a mullet, because he’ll think you’re looking at him and getting wet.

5. Look Really Fucking Bored

Make sure to complement your resting bitch face with a look that says “I’m bored af and boring af.” But make sure that your bored look doesn’t say “I’m bored but I’d be less bored if a Pokémon Go loving Reddit dude approached me.” Like, don’t look around, at all. Kay?

6. Cross Those Arms And Be Tense

Reddit user ItsWibs says “Smile, relaxed posture, no crossed arms and look willing to talk.” Not sure exactly what relaxed posture is, but the opposite of that is clearly tense posture, which you can try but may run the risk of being sore the next day. Instead, just cross your arms, it’s the universal language for “don’t fucking talk to me” and it usually works.

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