American Guys Are More Likely To Send Dick Pics Than Europeans

American guys love sending pics of their dicks to whoever they can. It might be because they’re clingy, or simply because they’re thirsty, but there’s no denying it’s a thing.

Unsurprisingly, guys are way more likely to send pics below the belt than women are. With 29% of American dudes being down to send some D pics whereas only 8% of American women would reciprocate with a vagelfie, according to a recent study.

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But when you compare American guys to European guys in the same study, the numbers get interesting.

As an American girl, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we assume European dudes are a little classier in their pursuit for poon and not quite as aggressive and rape-y as their American brethren.

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But that doesn’t mean they’re less inclined to show off via seductive pics.

Allow the data to explain. In the study, which surveyed 2,000 American and Europeans, they found that European men were slightly more likely than American dudes to send pictures of their face, their chest, or their butt to a partner. But when it comes to peen, American men took the cake – the penis cake, that is.

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Sure, it was only by 8% – 29% of American mens’ sexting pics contained peen whereas only 21% of European men’s pics did – but imagine getting 8% less dick pics? Especially if it involved hooking up with a guy with an accent that could get you the F out of this country? We would be down!

On the other hand, it maybe says something about the stereotype that European dudes are more into their appearance than American guys, since they were more down to show off their face and other parts of their bod.

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But the thing is, most girls are down for a casual chest or ab pic from a guy they’re talking to. Dick pics? Not so much.

European guys: 1

American guys: 0

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