10 Dating Red Flags Guys Hope You Don’t Notice

Men are trash, guys are sociopaths, whatever.

But, did you ever stop to think that they know they’re shit? In fact, sometimes they literally tell you they’re shit, by saying they’re not looking for commitment, or that they’re bad texters, or whatever. And we do the dumbest thing ever and ignore them!

If you’re reading this, you’ve wised up and are ready to spot red flags from a mile away. But the thing is, sometimes guys know that they have major issues, and are just praying that you don’t spot them.

One Redditor asked the men of Reddit, “What are YOUR red flags that girls should look out for?” The answers are hilarious and v relatable. You’ve def made the mistake of ignoring some of these red flags in the past.

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1. He Hogs the Food

“Sometimes when I order a pizza I’ll save the big slices with lots of toppings on them for me and I’ll give her the smaller ones with less toppings,” said Reddit user AlbinoHessian.

If you’re not dieting, tell him to go F himself and/or order you your own pizza.

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2. He’s an Attention Whore

“I feel like I’m self absorbed while also self deprecating,” said Reddit user gurudingo. “I don’t think it comes on strong enough that it screams ‘cry for help’…but it’s totally a cry for help.”

Guys are cocky one minute and insecure the next. This is so spot on.

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3. He’s Just In It to Play Games

“I lose interest quickly if I’m not given enough attention and then sometimes I do it anyway,” said Reddit user i_heart_blondes.

Deep down, we’re all attention whores – until the attention gets overbearing.

4. He Fishes for Compliments and Talks About His Ex

Reddit user PoetJustice listed out some key ones:

“Validation. We all have days where we don’t feel great about ourselves but if he consistently asks for confirmation, he’s likely insecure and that tends to lead to issues such as jealousy and distrust.

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“Talks a lot about his ex. There’s nothing wrong with confronting past relationships but if he pulls it out early or often during dating it probably means he’s not over her. You’re either a rebound or going to be help next to this girl as a measuring stick.

“How he treats others. Easiest is with retail workers or servers. If he’s rude to them don’t even bother. It usually is telling that this person is only pleasant when there’s something he can gain from the person.”

All great things to look out for!

5. He Literally Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

“I tend to roll hot and cold with women I’m seeing because some days I just don’t feel like talking to people in general,” said Reddit user UghWhyDude. “One day I’ll be cracking jokes with you or having a really deep connection building conversation, then you won’t hear from me for like three days and then I come back like nothing’s happened. This isn’t your fault, it doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in you/ghosting you, it’s just that I don’t really want to talk to anyone and don’t feel like re-assuring you about this either (previous attempts to explain this have only ended in disaster).”

Alone time is one thing. This behavior might be something else, dude!

6. He Binge Drinks Habitually

“The legality of something doesn’t typically cross my mind when I’m doing something,” said Reddit user Metabyte2. “I have a temper that I’ve got way better about controlling, but it’s definitely still there. Going out is what I want to do 99.9% of the time. When I drink I get drunk af…[I have] no idea why women are attracted to me.”

You’ve probs got a great body… or a personality that convinces girls they can tame you. Or girls might not actually like you all that much, but when you’re drunk you pressure them into going home with you!

7. He’s a YOLO Kind of Guy

“I have no qualms about dropping everything to venture forth to a faraway land on a quest for months at a time regardless my relationship status. (I work freelance, sometimes I go out of state for a few months),” said Reddit user JamesDerecho.

Personally, I would not be mad at this. But if you’re looking for a one-way ticket to settle down town, you might want to avoid this type of dude.

8. He Literally Can’t Process Emotions

“I don’t deal well with experiencing strong emotions,” said Reddit user le_fez. “It’s probably because of my bipolar disorder and I equate strong emotions with being out of control. I come across as distant or passive aggressive even though I’m really just a coward.”

Poor bb… but you’ll be the poor bb if you find yourself in cahoots who doesn’t want to deal with his demons. Trust me.

9. He Is a Sociopath

“I’m really competitive to the point of sociopathy,” said Reddit user BigG7615.

Aren’t you all?

10. He’s Crazy

“I’m crazy,” said Reddit user No1GivesAFuck.

Love when guys admit they’re actually the crazy ones <3

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