Science Just Proved This Type of Single Guy Is the Biggest Liar

0Everybody lies a little bit.

Generally, we like to tell ourselves the lies are warranted, like telling your Tinder date from last week that you’ll be out of town for the next few months, or telling your boss that everything’s going great with your latest project. But truth be told, every lie you tell is probably helping no one but yourself.

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And the same thing goes for everyone else. Your last fling might’ve said some shit like, “I was only lying to you to protect you,” when you caught him in his tracks, but we all know this is BS.

By chance, was he a single, low-educated, antisocial (as in the clinical definition — impulsive, deceitful, etc.), and childless man who rented a house/apartment? Well, if he was, we’re not surprised.

According to a study on liars, people who fit the description above are the biggest liars out of everyone.

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Are you surprised? Probably not. Single dudes literally fall over themselves telling the dumbest lies ever.

I’ll never forget the times where I went on one date with a guy and already found him lying about hanging out with other girls days later. The thing is, I wouldn’t have given a F if he was hanging with other girls – I was hanging with other guys. The problem is the lying!

To fall into this category of being a “big” liar, the study required one to tell 12 or more significant fibs per year. It’s unclear what exactly “significant” means, but we have a feeling it’s not shit like, “I was stuck in traffic,” and more like, “Those panties? Never seen them before.”

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The study also found that 13 percent of people tell 58 percent of the total lies reported in the study – meaning that if someone is a liar, chances are they’re a big liar.

But, guys aren’t the only ones with their pants on fire. The second group of big liars were actually women – married, young, wealthy, antisocial, and home-owning women.

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Weird, but also not totally surprising? I mean, if you get married young you’re basically signing up for a life of boring-ness, so maybe you have to lie so you can let loose once in a while?

Either way, this is just another reason to be extra skeptical of single bros without PhDs who are anti-social and non-home owners. But then again, almost every 20-something guy you match with on Bumble probs falls into this pool – especially if you live in a city. Good luck!

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