Guys Confess The Sexual Fantasies They’re Scared To Tell Girls

We all have secret fantasies involving bae.

Yours might involve him offering to wash the dishes and massage your feet, but chances are his wildest dreams are sexual and involve something he saw in a porno.

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Reddit dudes flocked to a thread to answer the question, “What’s something you want your SO to do in the bedroom, but you’re too shy to ask?”

Some of the answers are predictable, others are a little more out of the box. Either way, good to know… I guess.

A big trend in the thread is that a lot of the guys are submissive and are scared to tell their bae that.

“[I wish she would] call up a bunch of her friends, tie me to the bed, and make me into a sex slave for an all female harem,” said Reddit user AnUnsungBard.

Understandable why he’s scared to ask, but like, sounds kind of fun? He could give them all massages and call them “mistress.”

Even more explicit, some dudes really wanted to be pegged.

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“I want her to destroy my ass,” said Reddit user StillNeverNotFresh.

No shame in that game!

Other guys’ requests seemed pretty tame in comparison.

“Out of my handful of sexual conquests, I never had anyone reverse cowgirl on top of me, so that would be nice,” said Reddit user cokeiscool.

You’ll never know if you don’t ask little bb!

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Seriously, so many of these “secret fantasies” were super basic. Like, so basic that they definitely went down in 50 Shades of Grey. Maybe these dudes should just actually talk about sex with their partners instead of confessing their desires on a Reddit thread with other bros?

“Never done anal before and I’m kinda intrigued by it,” said Reddit user ryanino.

What’s anal? Never heard of it.

“I’ve heard great things about g-spot stimulation. My girlfriend is very vanilla, but also very open to try stuff,” said Reddit user Roosted13. “Not sure how to broach that topic.”

Why the fuck would your girlfriend not want this? Or at least not want to try it? This has nothing to do with being vanilla? It’s not like you’re asking her to cane you.

In terms of broaching the topic…just broach it? She is your girlfriend, after all.

“I’d just like a random blowjob,” says bivukaz. “Not as foreplay before sex, but just a random blowjob at a random moment in the day.”

Thrilling! Here’s a hint: give her head at a random moment in the day without trying to turn it into sex, I’m sure she’ll reciprocate.

Other hopes and dreams were slightly more interesting.

“[I want to] ask her to go all day without showering before we do the deed,” said Reddit user Mustang80. “I like when girls stink.”

Honestly, doesn’t seem like a bad kink for your boyfriend to have!

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Something crazy about this list is no guy explicitly wrote that they wish they could have a girl-girl-guy threesome, which is insane because that’s usually the first thing guys claim to salivate over. Like, guys wrote they wanted a blowjob and didn’t mention threesome? Cray.

But, one guy did mention a threesome, just a different kind.

“[I want a] threesome with a twink, because she doesn’t want anal,” said Reddit user Endurancequestion. “I have always been drawn to those skinny like a girl hipster artsy types. I would fuck artsy pretentiousness out of him hard.”

The desire isn’t weird, but the whole artsy pretentiousness statement is…interesting?

Boys are weird.

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