Boob Highlighter Is Now Officially Happening

People are gradually chilling out on contouring everything — from their faces to their abs — but do you know what people haven’t stopped doing? Being obsessed with highlighter.

They put it on their cheeks, they dot it on their noses, they buy ridiculous holographic highlighter palettes that make them look like shiny space babes. And now, they’re highlighting their boobs, arguably the most important part of a summer lewk (but don’t tell Vogue).

We first caught on to this highlighting trend when one of our fave goth & girly designer Nikki Lipstick, tweeted out this image yesterday.

Naturally, people are down. Because honestly, who wouldn’t be?

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The original image comes from Instagram user and makeup artist @tephadoll.

Highlighter everywhere 👽🖤

A post shared by Tepha Dez (@tephadoll) on

Considering all the other ridic shit we’ve been doing with makeup (and fashion) lately, it’s not that crazy. After all, people in show business already do body makeup, and contouring was a theater trick — mainly used by drag queens — before it got brought into mainstream.

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Obviously, one needs the right cleavage-baring top to allow enough boobage for some real highlighter action. But, considering how thotty fashion is this summer, we’re sure you’ll have no problems.

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