10 Things Guys Will Never Tell Their Girlfriends

There are things that every girl fibs about on a first date, and there are also things that a dude will probably never bring up or get honest about with his girlfriend.

When one Reddit user, diy1996, wasn’t sure how to tell his girlfriend that he’s more jealous than he lets on, he asked other Reddit bros what they refuse to tell their girlfriends. The answers are all over the place. Some make total sense and you probably feel the same way about the things you tell your bae, and some are slightly concerning.

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Obviously not all guys lie about these things, just the smart ones… or the really, really dumb ones.

1. That They Think Your Friends Are Hot

“That you think her friends are hot.” – CISScum2

Don’t worry little bb, we think your friends are hot too. And if you ever cheat on us, we’re getting back at you the best way we know how.

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2. Anything (Good) About Their Exes

“Your ex(es), even if she ask[s], never ever try to compare them” – plaintivegirlsister

“I don’t even mention ‘ex.’ If I have a story, I substitute ‘friend’ or ‘someone I knew.’ Never say ‘My ex and I used to…'” – Testiculese

Honestly, props to boys for being smart about this. You go Glen Coco.

3. That You’ve Gained Weight

“I get really turned on by my wife’s (small) love handles. She’s put on a little bit of weight in the past few months (just to be clear she hasn’t gotten fat and we’re both committed to staying reasonably fit and healthy) and I like that little bit of extra meat. I’m sure she’s happy that I’m attracted to her but there is no good way to tell a woman that you like the fact that she’s plumped up a bit.” – LOLer_coaster

Gotta love a guy who doesn’t mind a bae who gains a little relationship weight, but smart of him to not mention it.

4. Their Real Sex Number

“How many women I’ve slept with. She thinks it’s low but in reality I was a real whore before I met her and it’s wayyyyy up there.” – Hornyasshole2

The guys had quite a debate about whether or not they think you should lie about your sex number. Many guys said that you simply shouldn’t bring it up at all, which is fair. Because really, if a guy’s number is too low you’ll think he’s inexperienced, and if it’s too high you’ll think he’s a player. The thing is, guys always seem to be the ones to bring it up since they secretly all want virgins, so maybe this is their issue?

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5. That They Hate Your Fam

“How much I despise her family. She’s the odd one outa the bunch, everyone in her family is absolutely toxic and I don’t understand how she isn’t the same.” – Mochalittle

Oof. This is an awkward one. Sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up.

6. That He’s Gone Back To An Ex

“I would never tell her that I hooked up with my ex, before I met my wife. Even though it happened before I met my wife, it would make my wife very insecure to know that. And since it’s not cheating, or even close to it, there is no reason it would need to be told.” – Growell

This is a double-edged sword. Obvi smart of him to not tell his wife, but also sus because now she doesn’t know she’s dating the type of dude who hooks up with an ex!

7. What They’re Doing On Reddit

“My internet history. Not just the porn. I get sucked into some crazy rabbit holes by 4chan and believe every idea should be explored and evaluated to some extent.” – MrGreggle

Eek. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re dating a dude who spends a lot of time on Reddit or 4chan, you’ll know without him having to tell you.

8. Their Past Drug Use

“How involved with drugs you really were, not just, ‘yeah I’ve smoked a good bit.'” – Big_Bob_Cat

Hey, as long as you didn’t contract some type of disease from your needle use, I guess some things should stay in the past.

9. That Sex With Their Ex Was Better

“No way I can tell her that the ex right now [be]fore her was better in bed. That woman spoiled me…going to my wife was a drop in freaky-sex stuff, but a way better gain in stability and long term relationship compatibility.” – k0uch

This is tragic and depressing. Why can’t we have our kinky cake and eat it too?

10. What They’re Really Spending On Video Games

“How much my hobbies actually cost.” – addysol

This is such a sitcom trope of dads YOLO-ing and spending thousands of dollars on video games and model trains. Guess it’s true though.

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