Guys Admit They Only Do These Things To Impress Girls

As someone who dresses like a thot all day every day, my least favorite thing is when guys assume I’m only dressing that way to attract dudes. Or better yet, when they pretend to be concerned and say, “stop dressing like that, you’ll attract the wrong type of guys.”

It may come as a shock to men, who seem to think the world revolves around their dicks, but not everything girls do is to impress dudes.

But then again, maybe the reason why they think girls do things to impress guys is because men secretly do a ton of things to impress girls. I mean, c’mon, you really think that rich dude in the club bought 10 magnum bottles without hopes of getting laid?

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Reddit user, 420__points, asked the men of Reddit what things they do solely to impress women (or men). The answers may surprise you, or they may not, because guys are always looking for a way to get their D wet.

1. Not Look Like Shit

Lots of guys admitted that if they didn’t ever have to worry about getting laid, they would probably look like slobs 24/7.

“[I] Cut my hair, buy and take care of clothes, work out, shave, take care of myself, try to build confidence, [and do] a lot of stuff [in order to impress women],” said Reddit user umlaute.

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Are we surprised? Not really. I mean, while girls tend to look good and dress up to impress other girls, we don’t foresee most dudes ever trying to impress each other. So if girls weren’t around, who knows what they’d look like? This is why guys “let themselves go” after marriage, ya know?

“Women are probably the only reason I’m not 300 pounds,” said Reddit user dannycalamity. “Calories are fucking delicious.”

True dat.

2. Take Up Certain Hobbies

Bizarrely, some guys admit they’ve even taken up certain hobbies to have more in common with a specific girl, or just taken up hobbies to appear more interesting to potential dates.

“I go for the long game,” explains Qwertyzor01. “I will learn some of her interests and slowly show it on social media. I know it’s not getting me anywhere, but after a while, when I’ll eventually ask her out, she’ll have this in the back of her head. This is just so I can get a chance for a first date. It worked 100% up to date but only on three women,  so it can be biased.”

Um, okay, kind of psycho and time-consuming, but hey, he said it worked.

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“Most of my interests (hiking, photography, cooking, writing music, learning a new language, etc) came about as efforts to seem more ‘interesting,'” admitted Reddit user ThinkerTanker.

Honestly, it takes a special type of self-awareness to realize all your hobbies were picked up because you wanted to have a stronger dating app profile, and we are proud of this dude for being able to admit it.

3. Grow Their Hair Out

Remember when every girl on the internet was searching for a bae with a man bun? Well, lots of girls still love long hair, and guys are willing to go the extra mile (or couple inches) to attract more female attention.

“[Girls] like playing with slightly longer hair,” says Elanstehanme. “Otherwise I’d live the buzz cut life.”

Reddit user Trehnt agreed.

“Same man, [I’m] rocking the bun with the temp fade, but [I] also play soccer and run and it’s hard to contain the mane.”

Ugh, life is so hard! Girls never have had to deal with long hair while playing sports!

4. Post Lit Snapchat Stories

Everyone knows that if a guy adds you on Snapchat, he’s DTF. And some dudes on Reddit admitted that they curate their Snapchat Story specifically for the girls they’re into.

“My Snapchat story is very active only because girls love that shit,” said Reddit user Stevenson123.

When other eager Reddit users asked this bro how he makes his Snapchat into lady bait, he disclosed his secrets.

“[I post] things that give a relatable yet uniquely-me window into my daily life and what I enjoy and how I go about things,” he said. “Specific examples include really interesting meals, with a caption saying what it is because I’m not some basic bitch snapping my chipotle or a brownie…Pics and videos of the cool stuff I do at work. Experiences with friends. Everything is spontaneous and low effort.”

Spontaneous and low effort? Sureeee…

5. Wear Tight Pants

Not all girls love a dude in skinny jeans (although ex-emo chicks like me sure do), but most girls these days aren’t into a dude whose pants are falling down his ass either.

“[I] Wear skinny jeans [to impress girls], said Reddit user ymmv_.

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6. Buy Fleeky Whips

“[I] buy sports cars [solely to impress women],” said Reddit user CappnKrunk.

I mean, are you really surprised?

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