This New Airline Offers Flights To Europe For Under $150

Ever since “wanderlust” became a word that every person on the internet sprinkled into their vocab, everyone’s been wanting to travel their little butt off.

Blame it on the Pinterest inspired maps where you put push-pins on every place you’ve been, or blame it on the fact that more and more travel bloggers are popping up with stories about quitting their jobs and YOLO-ing through the world, but everyone wants to get away.

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Thankfully, one new airline is capitalizing on this trend and offering cheap af flights to Europe, at just $149 a pop.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, if you’ve ever taken a cheap airline like Ryan Air or Spirit Airlines, you know that a cheap airfare generally means you’re paying extra for everything else, including your bag or a snack. But considering flights from the US to Europe can be upwards of $800 normally, this price is still insane.

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The airline, based in Barcelona, is called Level Airlines, and they’re owned by IAG, the same parent company that owns British Airways, according to Condé Nast Traveler. The airline launched last Friday and they are offering non-stop flights to Barcelona from LA and Oakland, California starting in June. They’ll be adding new departure options starting in June, here’s hoping that will include NYC or somewhere else east coast based.

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In the mean time, this seems like the perfect time to start saving your vacation days (and money) for a little summer escape.

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