How That Girl With the Crappy Job Is Traveling All Over the World

We all know that girl from high school, who seemingly can balance some average job while at the same time making trips around the world.

Her Instagram is stocked with wine tastings in Napa, beach parties in Ibiza, croissants by the Eiffel Tower, and jet-skiing in the Caribbean. My question is, how on earth can she afford that while I consider extra guac a luxury?

So with my Pinterest board bucket list and Instagram envy on my mind, I decided to speak to the experts. Jessica Schiesl, from Chicago’s Sunset Travel and Cruise, gave me some tips and tricks on how to be a savvy sightseer.

“A few options that our younger clients like are group trips with likeminded individuals,” she said. “Contiki is a vendor we use that has a strict age gap of 18-to-34-year old’s and their itineraries are fun and focus on what Millennials currently want. An example of one of their group trips in Europe is called Munch that is focused primarily on food.”


If you’re looking to save the world while you go on vaca, she’s got another suggestion.

“G Adventures is another group tour company and they have cool trips that allow people to ‘voluntour,'” she said. “Voluntourism is something that a lot of younger people are interested in. They want to give back to the communities they are visiting.”


Not only are these cheaper than the average vacation, they also give you a built-in group of people to travel with. And for a group as internationally minded as today’s young people, that’s even better than traveling alone or with a small group.

“Despite some of our older generations saying we like to hide behind technology, millennials want to be around each other and love the idea of meeting new people when traveling,” Jessica tells us. “It seems like most of us have the ‘strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet’ train of thought.”

Jessica also mentioned that the best way to save money while traveling is to be flexible when it comes to where you’re sleeping. Of course, you want to be safe, but by staying in accommodations with groups is how you’re going to save the most money. One big room, and many other people might not be your cup of tea, but hey it’s just to crash for a few hours. Spend your days outside and your nights out until the sun comes up.

Another cheaper option is to search for host families abroad, as well as local living through apps such as Airbnb. Currently trending, another unique travel housing option is called a “Poshtel.”

An upgrade to hostels, Poshtels are basically the same concept with more luxury and less of a college backpacking feel.

Get those passports ready, adventures await.

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