These New Visa Rules Might F*ck Up Your Eurotrip

At the wee age of 11, my favorite movie was EuroTrip.

Boobs, booze, and the classic song, “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, Euro-trips for American ratchets might soon be a thing of the past — or at least harder to finagle.

In the old glory days, Americans didn’t need visas to visit countries in the European Union, but as of Thursday, we do.

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Members of the European Parliament voted to temporarily instill visa requirements on US citizens while the European Commission makes a final decision (which will likely be within a few months).

So why did this happen? Well, probably because the US hasn’t granted visa-less travel to certain countries within the EU, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania. Kind of savage of us, tbh, and the European Parliament’s decision makes sense, even though it sucks.

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This decision isn’t directly related to Trump, but considering Trump’s biased travel bans on certain countries, but this decision could have been motivated by his constant pledges to close our borders. If not, maybe it was simply motivated by the fact that the people of the EU don’t want gun-toting, mentally ill Americans popping in for a visit? Just a thought.

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