This App Is Actually Giving Out Free Birth Control for 6 Months

Tons of women have gotten IUDs in the last couple of months, and those who haven’t are still on the edge of their seats wondering if their birth control will be unaffordable and difficult to obtain soon.

Well, not if Nurx has anything to say about it.

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The app, which launched last November, made their mission to offer birth control and Plan B to those with busy schedules. They allow you to get a prescription online and order birth control for delivery, which means you can literally get birth control without leaving your apartment.

You’d assume a dope service like this is expensive, but it’s not. In fact, Nurx has been giving out free birth control since Donald Trump’s election with funny codes like “Tiny Hands.”

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This month, you can use the promo code “NASTYWOMAN” at checkout to not only get $30 worth of free birth control (about two months worth), but also a month’s worth of period protection and a 20% off coupon to the trendy online sex shop that I’m officially obsessed with, Unbound.

You can also enter to win the “Nasty Woman Starter Kit” which includes six months of birth control, a year of period protection, and sex toys!

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Nurx has promised that if the ACA does get repealed, they will still be offering birth control at $15 a month with free delivery.

If it sounds too good to be true, then I’m sorry, it might be.

Unfortunately, because of state laws, Nurx is only available in California, New York, DC, Washington, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. But when they started they were only available in Cali, so they’re making progress!

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