Guys’ Dumb Reasons for Settling Down Prove You Shouldn’t Wait For a Dude

Talk to a dude in his early 20’s, and he’ll say shit like “I only chase money, not bitches.” But talk to a dude in his mid to late 20’s and he’s suddenly as desperate as the dudes on The Bachelorette. What gives?

Well, we’ll save getting analytical about men’s biological clocks for another day, but there is one thing we know. For dudes, it’s not always about finding the right girl to settle down with. Sometimes it’s about deciding when they’re ready, and picking a person from there.

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In fact, in a weird Reddit thread where one user asked the others why and when they chose to “settle down,” some guys gave really, really dumb answers.

One user, awan001, simply settled down because he was sick of having hangovers.

“[I settled down because I] couldn’t handle the hangovers anymore,” he said. “Time to have kids. Now my whole life is a hangover.”

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Bro, have you ever thought of, I don’t know, not drinking? Or just not drinking as much? It sounds tough, but from my experience, I’d assume it’s a lot easier than raising kids. Just a thought!

Another like-minded individual, Reddit user wanderingmeow, said all his friends were married, so he decided to YOLO.

“I was 24 [when I settled down],” he says. “I felt too old in my group’s social outings or too young for the married friends’ outings. Couldn’t find my place and ‘single’ life was boring and unfulfilling.”

Can you imagine saying to yourself, “I’m kind of bored with single life, better find someone fast and settle down ASAP”?

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Both of these dudes had no mention of finding the “right girl” in their choice to settle down. While this isn’t the norm and other guys did mention something about that in their responses, this does hammer home the point that you’re not going to magically change a dude’s mind about settling down just by being a great girlfriend.

Just like these dudes have absurd reasons for settling down, plenty of guys have bizarre reasons for not settling down. If your dude isn’t on the same page as you, whether that means he’s not ready to make it “official” or it means he’s not trying to move into together or get married; stop wasting your time. He clearly has his own shit to work out that has nothing to do with you.

If you’re down to wait (which sounds really sad), then fine. But imagine waiting and then breaking up anyway? Instead, pick up your sex toys from his place and GTFO.

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