Here’s How Much Pee Is In That Spring Break Pool Water

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you know that you should never, ever go in the pool at any of of the day clubs.

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First off, the water is warm af. Second off, it’s been the home to way too many questionable activities and questionable people.

Well, it’s not just the Vegas pools that are disgusting, it’s pretty much all pools.

In an experiment conducted by chemist Xing-Fang Li, a professor at the University of Alberta in Canada, she found that one 220,000-gallon, commercial-size swimming pool contains almost 20 gallons of pee. For a residential pool, that’s about two gallons of pee.


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In the grand scheme of things, that’s only about 0.01 percent of the water, as NY Mag points out. But still, no pee would be ideal. Not to mention that the uric acid in pee has been found to cause long term health issues and also is what really makes your eyes sting in the pool (not chlorine). And don’t forget about the poop!

Okay honestly, I’ve always been more of a sunbathe next to the pool kind of girl anyways, and now I don’t feel as bad about it. Have fun swimming in the pee-pee-poo-poo pool in Cancun guys! Please don’t get drunk and open your mouth at any time!

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