7 Things Guys Wish Women Knew About Dating

No matter how many dudes you’ve dated, or how many male BFFs you have, sometimes understanding men can seem impossible.

Or, it seems really easy to understand them, and you just assume all men only want one thing. If he’s not texting you, you assume he’s texting some other girl.

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Well, sometimes you might be right. But sometimes you’re wrong. It’s easy to stereotype a whole gender for being a**holes, cheaters, or idiots; but sometimes guys are more like us than you think, and they wish we knew that.

Reddit user superwomanxx asked the men of Reddit, “What’s one thing you wish girls knew/understood more about males?” Here’s what they had to say. Note: take it with a grain of salt, because Reddit guys aren’t necessarily regular guys…

1. They’re Probs Not Getting As Much Booty As You Think

It’s really easy to assume if a guy isn’t texting you, he’s texting another girl. For some f*ckboys, this may be true. But the truth is, however easy it is for you to get laid, it’s a lot more difficult for a dude. Girls don’t realize that it’s actually tough for guys to have “other hoes.”

Reddit user iggybdawg wished girls knew “how little sexual attention [guys] get.”


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2. Don’t Take Whiskey Dick or Rando Boners Personally

“Our dicks don’t work on command,” explains Reddit user axemred6. “Sometimes it gets hard when we don’t want it to. This is especially true of younger men. It doesn’t mean we’re trying to be aggressive or crass. Sometimes it doesn’t get hard when we do want it to. It doesn’t mean we have ED or our dick is broken or that we don’t like you. We may just be tired, stressed, anxious or not in the mood.”

Okay, honestly, don’t you wish your man didn’t take it personally when you weren’t feeling it? Same goes both ways.

3. They Need Their Alone Time Just Like You

When you really like someone, it makes sense that you want to be with them 24/7. But that fades, and just like anyone, girls and guys alike need alone time. It doesn’t mean that he’s doing some sus stuff behind your back, it might just mean he wants to chill without getting distracted by your fine booty.

“Sometimes, we just want to be left alone,” said Reddit user bubonis. “That’s not the same thing as not wanting to be with you and you shouldn’t take it as such — or treat us like we’ve somehow abandoned you or failed to include you in our lives. Sometimes, we just want to be left alone. The end.”

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4. Sometimes They’re Deeper Than You Think

“Personality in a woman is a big deal for most men,” says Reddit user justathrowaway3456. “We’re not just about looks.”

Gold star for you, dude! I mean seriously, anyone who says they don’t care about looks is lying, but most people also care about personality. I mean, you try hanging out with a hot dude that has a horrible personality, it’s going to get old fast.

5. Stop Assuming He’s a Mind Reader

“The majority of us don’t understand ‘signals,'” says Reddit user TheLoonyDuck. “No, I’m not talking about car signals. If you tell us you’re fine, we will assume you are fine.”

Okay, fine. I mean, not fine.

6. They Have Wild Fantasies That Are Never Going To Happen

“We like having our asses licked too,” said Reddit user Rambo_Brit3. Thankfully, another dude interjected: “I’ve seen the stuff that comes out of mine. I would never subject another living being to my back-end.”

Good, because it’s not happening.

7. And The Truth To End All Truths

“I’m an idiot,” says Reddit user TelosBaculum. “Wait, you already knew that.”

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