Here’s Proof Guys Are More Clingy Post-Sex Than Girls

When guys aren’t calling every girl that ever dumped them “crazy,” they’re calling them “clingy.”

It’s an overused stereotype, and half the time the reason a girl is acting in a way to warrant these labels is because a dude was throwing ridiculously mixed signals.

But at the end of the day, plenty of dudes are the crazy and clingy ones — especially post sex.

If you’ve had a casual sex phase, you’re sure to have hooked up with a dude who wouldn’t wake the F up in the morning or leave your place, especially in college.

College guys have like, nothing to do with their lives on the weekends (except for athletes, who are bae), so they sleep until 1 p.m. in your room, and then wake up expecting round two. Like, no dude, I have to go to a meeting, and then the gym, and then the library. Bye!

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In fact, to further prove that guys are actually the ones who don’t know when to leave post-hook up, take a look at what we found on a Reddit thread.

Reddit user cjalili asked the dudes of Reddit what excuse they used to to get girls out of their apartment after a hook-up. While some had the obvious excuses, like saying they had to wake up early in the morning, many simply said that they didn’t have to use excuses, because girls know what’s up.

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“I’ve never had a problem with getting hook-ups to leave or known anyone who has,” said Reddit user Soloandthewookiee. “I’m seriously convinced this is almost entirely an invention of TV/movies.”

We totally feel this. Or maybe it’s just the fact that women have felt much more free to express their sexuality, and they don’t feel the need to make every one night stand into something more.

“I’ve had a lot of one night stands, and I’ve never once had a problem getting them to leave,” said Reddit user Subverto_. “I usually just offer to drive them home, because I’m a gentleman.”

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Ah, that’s the type of gentleman we like. One who knows we definitely don’t want to sleep in his twin sized bed all night but still makes sure to get us home safely.

In fact, if you scour the internet, it’s all men writing about “excuses” to get rid of a girl after sex. But did you ever stop and think that girls are just smart and know how to ditch a dude? Or they’re nicer than asshole dudes and let a guy stay in their bed even though they’d rather them disappear?

In fact, back in my college days, I specifically never let guys come to my place because I knew they’d never leave the next day. I’m sure if you talk to your thotty friends, they’ll say the same shit.

Food for thot, just saying.

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