Turns Out Dudes Love The Girls That They Call “Crazy”

Newsflash: boys do not know what the fuck they want.

Dudes seem to think that they want a girl who’s super chill, bro-ish, loves beer almost as much as she loves sex, and is “down to earth,” but they don’t. In fact, all those dudes who talk about their “crazy” exes are the crazy ones, because they fucking love crazy.

Seriously, think about your dude friend with the “crazy” girlfriend. You know he loves that shit. If he didn’t, why wouldn’t he date a girl that was chill af instead of constantly dating girls who went through his phone, controlled his life, and constantly threaten to cheat on him for attention?

The problem is, no guy will admit he loves “crazy” girls, right? Well, they will if they’re hidden behind their computer screen.

When Reddit user nowlan101 asked men “what is something that shouldn’t be attractive to you, but attracts you?” Guys got real. And so many guys admitted that they love the type of girls that they call “crazy.” Can’t say we’re surprised.

“Crazy. I don’t like crazy, but man, I love crazy.” – runningblack

“Girls that are bad at expressing their feelings so they tend to be mean and overbearing even though they are squishy inside. In my experiences it’s not very healthy to be around that but I just cant stop…” – 2_Ducks_in_a_handbag

“Overly neediness.” – nincada

“Crying. Not sexually, but romantically I am attracted to people crying. It just activates this protective complex in me where my brain decides it is my duty to help and nurture my newfound future wife. Obviously, I can override this and function as a regular person.” – britishthermalunit

“I like them crazy, it makes me feel normal.” – Memetonium

“Severe issues. Put 15 attractive women in a room and 10 times out of 10 I will find the one who is on antidepressants with bi-polar tendencies. I don’t want to find them, I just do…” – Dr-Dinosaur

Are we surprised? Not really. But in case you needed proof, now you know that the dudes who have “crazy” exes are the ones who are actually crazy themselves. And no matter how many times a dude complains about his “crazy” girlfriend, he secretly loves that shit.

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