Red Flag: When A Man Says His Ex Was Crazy


I can’t tell you how many times a man has told me, “I broke up with my ex because she was crazy.” I hear that all the damn time.

When a man says that to me it’s a red flag. Maybe I’m too cynical? Maybe I jump to conclusions? Because when a man says that to me, I automatically say “Uh-oh, here we go. Another insensitive bastard who puts their lovers through shit and acts like they’re looney for reacting to it.”

Now this isn’t always true but from my perspective it has been most of the time.

It makes me wonder how many crazy women are out there since every man claims to have had a crazy ex. Personally, I can never say that I’ve had a “crazy” ex. I’ve had some insecure ones. Some were inconsiderate. Emotional. Selfish. But I can’t say I’ve really dealt with anyone “crazy”.

So he says he has a crazy ex-girlfriend. Before you believe it, remember there are two sides to every story. Maybe what she had to deal with was “crazy”? Maybe he should have considered her feelings a little more? Maybe he brought the worst out of her?

I rarely hear a guy say, “I did x, y and z which caused yadda yadda. We both did blah blah blah.” Nope, no responsibility. It’s all pinned on the woman. She was just “crazy”.

I’ve had guy friends say, “She was crazy. She’d always accuse me of cheating.” Then I ask, “So were you cheating?” and a lot of times they’d admit it and say yes. So, you’re cheating and if someone is hurt or angered by it, they’re crazy?

Or how about this. I’m sure a few of us girls have been through this. When a guy mentions some “crazy” girl who won’t leave them alone but tells you not to worry about her. Then all of a sudden he cheats with her or they’re in a relationship. Hmm, yeah…

It seems that showing any emotion these days is considered “crazy”. Speaking up for yourself is “crazy”. Calling someone out for being disrespectful is “crazy”. Well I guess I am crazy then, especially when I have to deal with disrespectful, inconsiderate people.

Anyway, yes there are a lot of crazy people out there but not all women are crazy. Next time a man says, “Oh, she’s crazy” I have to look at it with suspicious eyes. That’s just me.

Men say all women are crazy. But, I say stop putting us through crazy shit.

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