Guys Don’t Know WTF They Want

While I spend most of my time ranting about the idiotic things that guys do in the dating world, there is one thing that girls do that has always pissed me off- especially lately. There are all these movements going on about feminism, the un-slut project, and rejecting the double standard– which is awesome. However, why is it that when chicks meet a guy that they are into they suddenly go from Tila Tequila to The Virgin Mary?

Stereotypically, maybe it’s more likely for a girl to be into a “bad boy” and a guy to be into a “good girl.” But personally, I think that’s f***ing bullshit. In case you have no experience with guys whatsoever and haven’t figured this out for yourself yet: GUYS DON’T KNOW WHAT THE F*** THEY WANT!

Sure, maybe a dude will say he wants a nice girl who’s never touched a penis before and grew up on a farm, but guess what? He might change his mind when it takes him three months to get into her pants and when he does she doesn’t even know how to give a good hand job. In reality, boys want chicks that exist only in porn. The chicks that are innocent “little girls” but suddenly realize upon their first sexual encounter that they’re bonafide freaks. Well I’m sorry, but this type of chick does not exist, at least not after a certain age anyways. Let’s compare her to all the girls dreams about finding a Disney Prince Charming for themselves.

If you want to start a relationship with a dude based on lies, have a blast. But when I decide to settle down with someone they’re probably going to have read all my articles for Galore anyways, and they’re going to love me for me (and my constant knowledge surrounding penis news and dildo-cameras).

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