10 Lies Every Girl Tells On a First Date

Dating might seem romantic to our current generation, but once you actually go on a good amount of dates, you can see dating for what it truly is: an interview process where both parties tend to sugar-coat the truth. Sometimes a first date can end in true love, and sometimes a first date can end in you having to file a restraining order. Either way, it’s likely that you’ve told a ‘white lie’ on a first date, whether you liked the guy or not.

1. I don’t do this often…

Whether it’s going on dates with dudes from Tinder, or sleeping with a guy on a first date, we love to say that we “don’t do this often.” When in reality…we do this sh*t all the time.

2. I’m full too!

I could totally eat an entire second entree and dessert right now, but I don’t need you to know I’m a human trash disposal on the first date…so yeah, I’m totally full!

3. My last relationship? We just wanted different things.

By different things, I mean that he liked another girl’s Instagram pic and I brought out the claws and keyed his car… but yeah, different things. I’m not crazy or anything!

4. My type of man is responsible, smart, loyal…

What is with guys asking about “our type” on the first date anyways? Like we’re already out with you can you just take it for what it is? We’re obviously not going to tell you that we tend to go for college drop-outs that bartend

5. Oh no, I don’t need another drink!

It’s cute how you’re already getting tipsy off this bottle of wine, whereas me and my girls drink a bottle of wine each as a pregame…You don’t need to know about my alcoholic tendencies just yet though. You’ll find out for yourself when I start drunk texting you this weekend.

6. Sorry I’m late, the trains were backed up!

I actually spent 10 extra minutes talking to my roommate about if I thought you’d be a catfish or not, then I had to take some selfies for my Tumblr blog. In my defense, the F train was a bit delayed…

7. I actually have to wake up early in the morning, so I can’t have another drink.

The only thing I have to do tomorrow morning is feed my cat…but I’d much rather snuggle with my cat tonight than with you.

8. Sorry, I don’t kiss on the first date.

Hell, I f*ck on the first date sometimes…But you’re just not doing it for me.

9. It’s been a while since I’ve been with someone…

That is if you don’t count the two dudes from last week…I mean, oral doesn’t count right? I haven’t had sex in like, two weeks, that’s a while!

10. We should definitely do this again!

And by that I mean we should never, ever, ever do this again.


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