Finally, a Highlighter Palette You Don’t Need An Art Degree To Use

Using highlighter can be a slippery slope — especially as a beauty beginner.

You don’t want to accidentally shine bright like a diamond in everyone’s face when the lights hit your cheeks at the club, but you also don’t want to waste product if nobody’s even going to see it.

Well, the secret to slaying with some highlight isn’t all about your makeup skills, sometimes it goes back to what product you’re using.

Certain highlighters can be greasy, grey-toned, or simply unflattering in that they amplify your skin texture differences rather than hiding them. But we’ve found a vegan and cruelty free highlighter that’s super easy to use, even for someone whose not fluent in the language of makeup.

Behold: the Hi-Lite Palette by Lime Crime.


Lime Crime Hi-Lite Palette, $38

The palette include three glow-worthy colors — pink, gold, and peach. The shades actually adapt based on your skin-tone, so they won’t make you look like a sad disco ball. It’s also super affordable and the packaging is so cute that we low-key want to carry it around like a clutch.

This highlighter–or “hi-liter”– walks the perfect line between basic highlighters and ridiculously overdone highlighters. One swipe of the shade gives the perfect shine for a more natural fresh-faced glow, but add a little more and you can transform your look into the stuff that mermaids dream of.

If you haven’t jumped onto the highlighter wave yet, we totally get it. Putting shine on your face is scary, but we promise that this palette is the perfect excuse to dive into the deep end and get your glow on.

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