Vogue Says Boobs Are No Longer On-Trend

If you’re one of the chosen ones blessed with a beautiful pair of boobs, I’m sorry to tell you that Vogue has just declared that cleavage is over.

“Whatever happened to the cleavage?,” writer Kathleen Braid-Murray asks in the December issue of British Vogue, in what I can only imagine as a very Carrie Bradshaw-sounding voice.

Citing the absence of pushed-up breasts in public, the rise of pussybow blouses and the fact that the Wonderbra is no longer the bestselling bra in department stores around the country, Braid-Murray goes on to say, “The tits will not be out for the lads. Or for anyone else, for that matter”

But what about Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, you might ask yourself? Or the continued popularity of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Or every single boobalicious Instagram model who has about 5 million more followers than you and I?

How can Vogue just decide that boosting your titties up so they can see the world isn’t cool anymore?

As easy as it is to dismiss Braid-Murray’s claim that cleavage is over, she kind of has a point.

With a few exceptions, having your tits out isn’t so popular among celebrities and fashionistas anymore.

Take a look at what celebs have been wearing on the red carpets at events from the Met Gala to the VMAs. Or check out the styles that walked down the runway during fashion month this year.

Even Victoria’s Secret introduced their own line of boob-downplaying bralettes last year, and their name is normally synonymous with sky-high padded tits.

Maybe it’s because of the rise of athletic and leisurewear or maybe it’s because of our current cultural obsession with butts, but big, pushed-up breasts seem to have taken a backseat to bodycon jumpsuits and bralessness.

But honestly, who cares what Vogue says anyway?

They stopped being cutting-edge and influential years ago.

So what if celebrities and fashion designers aren’t showing tits as much love as they used to anymore? We say, if you got, and you want it, flaunt it.

Just like you shouldn’t let the haters get in the way of your life, you shouldn’t let fashion trends control what you wear, especially when you know half of what everybody’s wearing today will be a major source of embarrassment 10 years from now either way.

Like diamonds and the color black, cleavage is timeless, no matter what the establishment says.


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