The Dating Mistakes Women Make According To Dudes

Guys love to point out the shit women do wrong. Our makeup is too heavy, our skirts are too short, our heels are too high. Oh, and we complain about too many things, like not making enough money for the same work that men do.

But one place where you might actually give a fuck about a man’s opinion on your behavior is in your relationships.

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Reddit user amieileen asked the men of Reddit what they think is the most common relationship mistake that women make. Careful, these might make you mad.

1. Not Being Straight Up

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] not being honest about their problems,” said Reddit user Vorengard. “If you have a problem with our relationship, pretending there isn’t one isn’t going to fix it. Be honest with me about your concerns and we can fix it together.”

This is totally valid. Only problem is, since girls have dealt with so many dudes who don’t know how to express their emotions and think a girl is “crazy” for bringing up a problem, sometimes we’re scared to.

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Then again, if you’re dating a guy you can’t bring up problems with, why are you dating him in the first place?

2. Issuing Ultimatums

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] issuing ultimatums,” said Reddit user TheAdventurousWriter.

Another fair point. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to tell bae he either needs to choose his flirty female best friend or you. But put yourself in his shoes and think how you’d feel if he did something similar to you. If you can’t trust a guy or have that big of an issue with something he does, dump his ass instead of trying to make him choose!

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3. Giving A Fuck About Their Time, Or Something

“I’ve actually even had girls complain about what I do completely by myself, in my own spare time,” said Reddit user NoMistaeks. “Fuck off.”

Geez, must be hard having someone who actually gives a shit about you! Obviously this can be taken with a grain of salt, because it’s unclear what exactly were those things he was doing completely by himself, in his own spare time. Did it involve doing drugs? Or gambling? Or drag racing? I know this is a shock, but sometimes if someone is concerned about what you’re doing, it’s because they care!

4. Overthinking

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] looking for subtext in what her guy said,” said Reddit user jello_sweaters. “Generally we say what we mean, or we don’t say anything at all.”

On one hand, yes. On the other hand, no! It’s true that guys are not self-aware enough to try to “trick” their bae by saying something they don’t mean, but sometimes they do it accidentally or in attempts to seem macho.

You know, like when a guy says “IDGAF” when you says you’re going out with her guy friend when in reality he clearly gives a fuck and is butt hurt. Ya feel? But, as a girl, you shouldn’t try to overthink what a dude is saying, he’s sure not.

5. Being Too Close To Your Ex

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] pushing boundaries when it comes to ‘guy friends’ or ex-boyfriends,” says Reddit user Rotion. “I know a lot of girls who will flirt with other guys or stay way too close with exes, under the guise that ‘it’s not technically cheating!’ But in reality, they enjoy getting the attention of multiple men while still being in the comfort of a relationship.”

It gets worse, in his opinion.

“Hell, one of my close girl friends is dating a guy,” he continued, “and whenever she brings him along to go out with me and my friends, she spends the entire time talking with other guys. The guy she’s dating is basically third-wheeled – I try and keep him company because I feel bad for him.”

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How kind of you! Ever thought that they already spend a shit load of time together and she doesn’t want to be in the corner alone with him when they go out to see other people?

The ex thing could be trickier. We already know how guys feel about girls who are friends with their exes (not good), and it’s probably the same way you feel about guys who are friends with their exes, which is not good.

6. Asking The Wrong People For Advice

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] talking about your problems with the relationship with other people before talking about it with their SO,” said captainfrobie.

This is a pretty good one, at least once you’ve gotten into “serious relationship” territory, anyways.

7. Princess Behavior

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] expecting to be wooed and not expecting, intending, or attempting to do the same to the guy,” said Reddit user Ollivander451. “At least my past three budding relationships have failed primarily because the women wanted to be treated like princesses (I buy the dates, pay them compliments, demonstrate my interest and caring for them), without returning the same back to me.”

Guys love saying all women are like this, but did they ever stop and think that maybe they should stop treating women this way if they don’t want to? You don’t get to pay for shit and then complain about it later, sorry.

Also, maybe they’re going for a certain type. You know like, maybe ones that are out of their league? Or maybe ones that just don’t actually like them and only are keeping them around ‘cuz they are convenient? Just a thought.

8. Wanting To Fix Dudes

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] trying to change men,” said Reddit user matthank.

He’s right! If a man isn’t perfect for you when you meet him, don’t waste your time!

9. Forgetting We’re All Human

“Treating men like they are a different species is a big mistake,” said Reddit user Saroufim. “Women and men are just humans with a few differences here and there, but men still have emotions, they still like to feel like they’re being taken care of sometimes, and they don’t have superpowers to solve things that you can’t.”

Boys, they’re just like us! Except they want to get paid more, turn you into a housewife, and be in charge of everything. JK, #notallmen. This guy does kind of have a point, but the first step to make that work is if guys stopped pretending they don’t have emotions.

10. Being Clingy

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] being too clingy,” said Reddit user ItsVinn. “Plus it does seem odd when you’re very clingy but you don’t like the idea of us having sex.”

LOL. Why is it that guys always complain about clingy girls, meanwhile they’re the ones humping your leg as soon as you walk in the door? We swear guys are the clingy ones.

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